Method to update namespace of existing child app

Is there a way to update the namespace of an existing installed child app instance? I know there are APIs to update the name/label and settings/preferences within child apps, but again specifically talking the namespace attribute of an installed app instance.

Long story short, I have an app that I have been using for a few years and decided to publish to the HubitatCommunity GitHub account. In publishing this app for the community, I changed the namespace within the apps and driver from what I had originally to "HubitatCommunity". I want my hub to be on the same exact code that is in GitHub. When I updated my hub with this new version and the namespace changed, the list of installed child apps doesn't appear when viewing the parent app using this code:
app(name: "childApps", appName: "GCal Search Trigger", namespace: "HubitatCommunity", title: "New Calendar Search...", multiple: true)

If I change the namespace back to what I had before they show up. What is even further interesting is on the Apps (installedapp list) the child apps do show up regardless.