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is there a way to repeat a message on alternating days, My wife and I switch coffee responsibilities each day, I want the have the system say every other day "Today is the Wife's turn to make coffee"

Thanks for the help

Just make a definition for each one of you. That runs every 48h?!

I can see how to set a specific time, but not how to set a time interval?

I would create a virtual switch.. then set restrictions on two child apps.
The trigger could be at a certain time every day...

One for your wife that would only run when the switch is on.
One for yourself that would only run when the same switch is off.

Both child apps would try to run every day but only the one without the restriction would run.
Next, you would need something to 'toggle' the switch every day (perhaps RM could do this)


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If you want to do this outside of Message Central with Rule Machine, I believe the triggered rule below should work.

The global variable does not need to be a string...I just choose it because it would be more descriptive of what's happening.


here is what I came up with

:+1: Looks good to me.