Meross mini wifi plugs with HE?

I've got a few of these, and the form factor is pretty nice, but I haven't seen any way to get them to work in HE? I also have a couple Amazon plugs, same thing.

Alexa recognizes all these, but I want all my house's logic in 1 place. Is it possible to emulate a button or something to trigger Alexa to kick off a routine that would make these work?

Are there any smart plugs that would be suitable, if there's no way to use these? I don't have a ton of use cases for these and I've got like 6 already so it'd be great to not have to buy new ones.

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I'm in the same situation. Would love to know if someone has an answer.

I know meross works with IFTTT

I have published a few drivers to GitHub for their 2 channel plugs that could be probably be extended to the mini WiFi plugs. Just search hubitat-meross on GitHub

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I just tried it without success... Is there some trick on the driver setup?

yes, there may be some additional settings to make sure the payload is correct for your setup. did you add your device ip-address and hit refresh?

if still not working maybe you can send over the debug logs?

Hi @ithinkdancan!

Without success, follow the logs:

{"payload":{},"header":{"messageId":"926aabad9487c580d9c8821ecf2d704d","method":"GET","from":"","sign":"40fc38fc665fe340297e91907f842e3e","namespace": "Appliance.System.All","triggerSrc":"iOSLocal","timestamp":1612399570,"payloadVersion":1}}

dev:8862021-02-16 19:32:08.760 infoRefreshing

dev:8862021-02-16 19:32:08.754 debugdescription is: mac:34298F1E736E, ip:ac1e11bf, port:50, headers:SFRUUC8xLjEgMjAwIE9LDQpDb250ZW50LVR5cGU6IGFwcGxpY2F0aW9uL2pzb24NCg==, body:eyJoZWFkZXIiOnsibWVzc2FnZUlkIjoiOTI2YWFiYWQ5NDg3YzU4MGQ5Yzg4MjFlY2YyZDcwNGQiLCJuYW1lc3BhY2UiOiJBcHBsaWFuY2UuU3lzdGVtLkFsbCIsIm1ldGhvZCI6IkVSUk9SIiwicGF5bG9hZFZlcnNpb24iOjEsImZyb20iOiIvYXBwbGlhbmNlLzE5MDUxMDYzNzE4NDkyMjUxODQyMzQyOThmMWU3MzZlL3B1Ymxpc2giLCJ0aW1lc3RhbXAiOjE2MTM1MTQ3MjgsInRpbWVzdGFtcE1zIjo5MzcsInNpZ24iOiI2MjMxMzJhYTZiOTdjN2EyMzA3MjcwOWVhYzRkYmQ2MyJ9LCJwYXlsb2FkIjp7ImVycm9yIjp7ImNvZGUiOjUwMDEsImRldGFpbCI6InNpZ24gZXJyb3IifX19Cg==

dev:8862021-02-16 19:32:08.714 debugPOST /config HTTP/1.1 Accept: / User-Agent: Linux UPnP/1.0 Hubitat HOST: Content-Type: application/json Content-Length: 268

I also noticed that there are two drivers, but I presumed the meross-smart-plug-mini.groovy was the correct. My plugs are MSS120.

Thanks, it appears I forgot that i hardcoded my credentials :laughing: I have pushed some updates to the package with new settings and links to instructions on how to get your credentials

If your plug only has one outlet its probably the "Mini" meross plug

If there are 2 outlets, use the 2-Channel driver. I'm working on trying to combine it into a single driver.

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Thanks @ithinkdancan! I'll try it as soon as arrive at home!

@ithinkdancan, I tried several software to obtain the required data without success, because we use only Android devices in my home, none iOS device. Do you know if there is some software or app with the same funcionality of HTTP Catcher to Android or Windows?

Not sure, all Apple over here so would need to do some more research. Have you tried Charles Proxy?

Yep, but I didn't know how to track the internal LAN traffic, but I tried yesterday night. I'll look for instructions and try again.