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Hi Gentlemen,

is there a media player integrated with Hubitat? Besides spotify

Thank you

On the hardware side of things, there is a Roku integration. I haven't used it with the Roku iHeartRadio app, but it should work...

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If you have a Sonos player, there is a Hubitat integration for that player. I do not have Sonos, so I do not know how it works.

There are also integrations for Amazon Alexa and Google Chromecast.

There are integrations for a number of popular AV receivers.

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More details about the intended use case might be helpful. “Media player” could be taken in a few directions.

Since Spotify is a streaming media service, is that what you’re looking to integrate?

Do you have audio hardware in place at home?

Any smart speaker devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Just a few questions that come to mind.


Like @marktheknife poses, it depends on what you are wanting to achieve. Are you concerned about cloud verses local integration? Do you have existing accounts with cloud streaming services? Do you have a local library of music files you want to make use of?

And the options @marktheknife and @rwclements228 call out are also options worth ruling in / out in terms of what you currently have available.

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Thank you dear gentlemen, you are kind and great people. Sorry if my question is not clear. I don't have sonos, and have spotify but not premium. So what I mean here about media player is Winamp or windows media player. Because I use it for my Media Player. For information I use Bss Blu 100 from Harman, Amplifier Assemblies, and 2 Gallo speakers. I have echo but I only use it for voice commands and announcements.

So you are looking to control or automate a windows app like Winamp or windows media player, to play music?

If it is to control applications like winamp, you may want to look at EventGhost. There is a Community topic around using this and triggering actions on your PC.

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I would try this with VLC: Porting VLCthing - #12 by cwwilson08

VLC is great and free. I haven't used that integration with Hubitat, but others seem to have used it successfully.

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Thank you @sburke781 . I already use. But i need something with feedback. I am using home remote for Remote

Need to control sir

Thank you tom. I will try it