Media Player tile doesn't work on chromecast

Hello new to this community and the product. Love it so far.

I know the chromecast is beta are you aware that the media player tile added to the dashboard for a chromecast none of the control works. Volume/skip etc they don't work.

I added a custom command that controls the volume fine but can't see anyway to add that command to the dashboard is that possible?


Look at the Device's Info page. On te right is a column of Current States as Name: value pairs. Copy the name of the attribute you want. spelling and capitalization is critical.

On your specific Dashboard: Click in the 3 dots upper right corner of a tile, the menu slides out. For Pick a Template choose attribute and then one of the attributes from the Device's Current States column in the final field.

Click the green Update Tile and then the green Update Grid.

Thanks for the help. The only current state it has is volume. Which just adds a tile to show the current volume which doesnโ€™t allow control. Am I missing something?

You can't control volume like that with the native Chromecast implementation. You can assign those commands to virtual button and then put those on a dashboard. But it would probably be easier just to issue the commands directly to your Chromecast speaker.
If you want volume control, you can look at the Cast-web-api port. It implements volume as the Switch Level capability so it shows up in the dashboard as a dimmer.

Thanks was reading up on that is this the api you are referring too?