Measuring Z-wave Signal Strength

I installed a GE Z-wave outdoor smart plug last week to control some landscape lighting. The outlet that the smart plug is plugged into is at the far end of the house. As I anticipated a problem getting the signal to that end of the house and then, in addition, outside, I have an Aeotec Z-wave extender installed approximately half way between the HE hub and the GE device (I do understand that each Z-wave device will act as a repeater as well).

Those landscape lights have turned on in accordance with the schedule created for it every night until tonight. They didn't turn on. I was able to turn them on manually through the Hubitat app but there was an hourglass displayed on the screen for a good little while. I presume this is what happens when the signal is less than ideal. Am I on the right track?

I have an app on my iPhone that will display the signal strength of my WiFi. I don't suppose there's an app or some other device that will measure the strength of a Z-wave or Zigbee signal, is there? Such a thing would be quite handy in troubleshooting issues like this as well as optimizing the placement of an extender such as my Aeotec.

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There are a few choices. The one I've used is zwave toolbox.


@aaiyar Do you like this thing or have you found another way of looking at the network?

I would not advise purchasing z-wave toolbox if you have a windows notebook or computer. You can download PC Controller for free and get a USB z-wave dongle for about $40. It will do everything that z-wave toolbox can do (and more).

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