Mco ir2900

Hello I am looking for an IR Zwave Thermostat with a screen. I know there are few options that work with no screen. I looked at MCO IR2900. Has anyone worked or knows how to integrate it with HE?

Is this for a minisplit? If so what brand?

They are mini splits. Mostly Panasonic, LG and some other not so popular brands

Instead of IR use these (I have 2 that I use with standard z-wave thermostats)

You can them for most brands

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I'm confused on how it could work. Does it need to be plugged to the mini Split and once paired with a Zwave thermostat?

It's a dry contact. So plug the device into the mini split head, then simply connect a standard thermostat to that (hard wired). Each of my heads has a CT-101 thermostat connected to it. Then I have my main thermostat on the 1st floor for my main system set to change the temps on those thermostats.

Thank you for the information. I will try that option

Ct-101's are difficult to get nowadays. I would look at the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave.. Fantastic unit (that's the one on my main hvac)

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