Matter over Thread v/s Matter over WiFi

Great info Bryan! Thank you!


HUe bridge does pair but its emty doe to lack of hub driver.

There are no much benefits of integrating Philips Hue bridge via Matter, if compared to using the Hue specific LAN protocol.

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Question is wich one is going to be more reliable...

For the moment, there is no doubt - the most reliable are the proven existing community Hue bridge integrations

The Matter implementation in Hubitat and the Matter protocol are still very new.



Do we need comissioning hub for matter wifi devices?

Uh… I have always commissioned my Matter devices using Apple Home or Smart Life (for the Zemismart Bridge). And I always avoid WiFi devices.

Update: I've finally unpackaged a cheap Chinese Mater WiFi bulb, and I can confirm that it was not possible to pair it directly to Hubitat using the bulb QR code .

I added it first to the Zemismart hub (I had to move it close to the router; the pairing failed several times!), then I selected 'Pair via Matter' from the Smart Life app and got a new, different QR code, and this new code worked to bring it to my C-7 hub.