Marine Weather Driver/App


I've been meaning to float a couple of questions to the Hubitat community, and with Daylight savings having come to an end, I've found myself with an extra hour this morning, so....

  • I wonder if there'd be much interest within the user group for a Marine Weather App ?
    As a scuba diver it'd be awesome to have a 'heads up' on the up coming coastal water conditions on my dashboard but I'm sure there are others who also make use of the waters around us.
  • I wonder if there's a developer within our midst that'd be up for the challenge because it's well outside of my capabilities, to tackle something like that. @bangali, @bptworld, @Matthew etc ??

It looks like these guys do Global Marine Weather AND have a free API;


This looked like a fun learning experience. After a couple of hours, I got it connect to their server! lol

Now to see if I can read in any values. :sunglasses:


Wow, that's more than I'd be able to achieve in months if not years. LOL

I'm not sure how I could possibly help you at the moment but if I can, just shout.


If they output to a json file then it should be very easy to produce a driver for this.
I would work the same as almost every other weather driver.



Just a proof of concept, lots of formatting and conversions to do but it'll grab the data. :grin::grin::grin:


Sweet !
I love that you labeled that test field “Do something” in expectation or anticipation :+1:t2:


@bptworld My suggestion would be to just make this a device driver verses an app. That way all of the attributes can be used to trigger RM, display on the dashboard, etc.


oh, that's a interesting idea especially as there are now Dashboard Tiles that can support multiple lines.




Awesome man.
It’s midnight right now so I’ll really check it out tomorrow.