Maker API not sending POST update when Centralite switches change state

My Centralite smart outlets do not seem to trigger a Maker API post when the state changes.

I did manage to set up an automation for one switch that sends the API Post json when that switch turns on and another for when it's off just to make sure everything could work. And that did.

Having to make custom automations for each of the switches I have is rather tedious though. Is there some issue with Hubitat and switch state changes not causing the Maker API to send the POST?

First look at the device event log (not system event log). Anything that makes an entry there will/should be sent out via MakerAPI.

If an event gets de-duplicated (like repeated ON events on some devices), it will not make an event and therefore will not be sent by Maker API.

I get oodles of switch, motion, and contact Maker API events. So there isn't any issue with a specific event type that I know of.

It's magically working again...go figure.

Device events were there in the logs, yeah.

Funny enough this was working fine over the cloud API but not the local socket before when I posted.

It just started working again. Not sure what was going on with the local socket in the timeframe where it wasn't posting, but it seems to have fixed itself.

Thanks for the reply and help though!

No worries. That is odd, but hey - if it is working then good. :slight_smile: