Maker API - missing subscription to device events

I am currently using Ecobee Integration 1.0.2 to connect to my thermostat. I am then using Maker Api to expose that for use in Node Red. From the look of it, the Ecobee device is setup in Maker Api, but there are no subscriptions to any of the ecobee events. I believe this what is causing my Ecobee device data to not equal what the Maker Api is sending to Node Red. For example, the ecobee device shows a temp of 72 degree. but when calling the get device info REST call, it returns an older temperature of 71 degrees.

Am I missing something? I've tried searching for info, but have not found anything related to the interaction between these two apps/devices.

Additional Info:
Running on a C-7

Welcome to the community, @martin.gray!

Maker API makes all the events/attributes available and it's up to the caller to pick which it wants to see/use. Are you using Node-RED nodes for hubitat?

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I am using node-red-contrib-hubitat. Just noticed there is an update for that, but seems to be an unrelated bug fix release.

My current flow for temp. The inject is running every five minutes. Current temp according to the device in Hubitat, and on the thermostat itself is 72

When I send the message to debug in the flow it shows this:

Maker API automatically sends any event for a device that is added to Maker API to the receiver (in this case node-red). If you are not getting automatic value updates on the node-red side, then it is likely your Maker API connection to node-red is not setup/working correctly.

The inject shown doesn't actually poll hubitat for anything. It just coughs up the cached value already in node-red. So if the automatic updates aren't happening, that inject does nothing for you.

So start by seeing if events created on the device in Hubitat are making it to node-red. Easiest way to do that is do a device node in node-red with events turned ON (all your examples in the screenshot have event updates OFF) and run that into a debug node and verify that new events created on the Hubitat side are indeed showing up on the debug node.

If they are not, you need to fix that 1st.


I think you want to send a refresh (assuming it has such a command) to the ecobee command node every 5 minutes instead of sending timestamp to the device nodes.

Well, its working now. The eventHandlers show up in Maker API

I did remove the inject, as you said, kind of pointless used as it was. The only other thing I changed, was to enable the "Send Events" check box in the node. Not quite confident yet in knowing what that check box does, but after deploying it, things are talking the way they should. When it was unchecked without the inject, nothing showed up in the debug window. But unchecked with the inject, it did, but was just old data.


Thank you for the help, and the quick responses.

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Thanks @LosinIt, I was wondering the same thing. Looks to not be necessary though.

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Are you SURE it is working? Or did it just update 1 time when you re-downloaded the node-red flow?

Changing the send events checkbox only tells it to make a node-red output message when a new event arises. That should not have fixed what you described.

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Have you configured node-red-contrib-hubitat to receive events via webhook or websockets? If it is webhook, make sure the URL in MakerAPI matches the one in the node-red-contrib-hubitat config node.

@aaiyar - double checked that just in case, everything matches.

@JasonJoel - Humidity ,Temperature, Mode, and State have all update in nodeRed without any further interaction by me. I'm not sure what I did, but the eventhandlers in Maker api werent in there, and now they are. I'm not sure what triggered their addition.


Just adding to this. I believe I found what added the eventhandlers. I have had this issue, and tried the "solution" on two more pieces of hardware.

All I had to do was to click the "Configure webhook" button in node-red in the hubitat config node after pairing a new zwave device and adding it to Maker API. This added the eventhandlers in Maker API, and updates started happening in node-red as expected.

Knowing what to look for, I did find some mentions of this in the " Node-RED nodes for hubitat" post.

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