Maker API issues

Hey folks! I've got some miscellaneous issues with Maker API I'd like to ask about to see if any of y'all might have some insight.

First Question
Does anyone know if they're doing any kind of URL encoding/decoding on the request URL? For example, I’m trying to issue the speak command to a speech synthesis device. But if I format my URL as:

/apps/api/143/devices/[Device ID]/speak/Hello, world! What’s going on today??access_token=yadayadayada

it blows up, as expected, because the question mark is a reserved character for URLs.

If I URL escape it, so that it reads:

/apps/api/143/devices/[Device ID]/speak/Hello%2C+world!+What%E2%80%99s+going+on+today%3F?access_token=yadayadayada

it actually reads out the escape characters, e.g. “Hello percent two see plus world! Plus what percent eee two percent etc. etc. etc.” As a workaround, I had to make a function to convert my string to safe characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphen, comma, period, and exclamation mark, e.g. /Hello,-World!Whats-going-on-today). This works, but again, it’s a little less than ideal, especially if I want the house to ask the kids a question.

Second Question
I can't seem to get RGBW bulbs to react to a setHue or setSaturation event through the Maker API. I've tried sending in a color map with setColor but that doesn't work, either. Has anybody had any success changing colors through the Maker API?

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Sorry I can't help here, I'm reading these posts to learn. However I have a question regarding the "?" you wish to communicate:

What does the speech synthesizer do with the "?" I mean there is no spoken work for it. Are speech synthesizers capable of communicating with some inflection? (would be cool)


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Yep, the AWS speech service used by Hubitat and SmartThings does indeed add inflection!

Also, the way most folks do mobile notifications is by devices that are virtual speech synths (see the PushOver app, as well as the PushBullet one, and my own Webhook Notifier).


Neat :slight_smile: thanks for the info.

I came across this post whilst trolling...might help somehow?

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Will someone please address question 2 here. Thanks.

It was answered in the other thread you asked it. Please don't ask the same question in multiple threads.