Maker API issues after latest update

My hub came with platform installed, it was upgraded twice to and then, At least those are the 3 versions visible in diagnostic tool when rolling back.

I can confirm HACS-Hubitat setup worked after restarting HA when HE is running but fails with

you need to have an address in the URL to POST device events. Example. h t tp://someIPaddress:2222"

check POST location events ON.

The event posting was working despite the config error. I just edited the log content I posted a) to remove the ip address and b) because this community platform complained about having real links in the content.

Is there a way to download / apply a specific version of the platform. Seems I could upgrade to latest 2.3.0.x and it would still be OK.

Found the bug in 2.3.1, fix coming in the next 2.3.1 iteration.

Yes, you can download it using an endpoint


Weird thing is I did not encounter it in versions up to .130

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That's when it was introduced... I'm surprised it didn't manifest sooner.


When can we expect to get the fix for it?

No - I mean how can I download and use 2.3.0.x since the check for updates option only finds the latest version and my hub is new so doesn't have a 2.3.0.x version to roll back. Can I not download a specific version of the platform from or github ?

I get a 404 when using /hub/advanced/downloadPlatform/230

Did you not see this response to your earlier post?

No. Also, endpoint (and similar ones for earlier versions) is available in 2.3.1 only. In 2.3.0, similar endpoints are slightly different, and none of them allow downloading latest 2.3.0.

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Should be fixed in, available just now.



Release Available




Just FYI for anyone else who reads this thread. I rolled forward to, did the download of the 230 platform with /hub/advanced/downloadPlatform/230 which made it available in the list to choose in roll-back.

And just as I came back here to say that, I see is ready. Oh well it's all good learning.


EDIT: Issue seems to be with my Node Red, working through it, all good with thanks for the support! Fixed my Home Assistant errors, did not fix my Node Red errors using "node-red-contrib-hubitat" palette? I tried creating an new access token, then I created another instance of Maker API, both same access error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: is applicable for argument types: (com.hubitat.hub.domain.Location, java.lang.String) values: [MurnControl, eventHandler]
Possible solutions: wait(), any(), trim(), collect(), size(), split() on line 225 (method updated)


Me either - I am still on on all my hubs and both NR & HA (and NR within HA!) all appear to be running and responsive... little reluctant to update but since there is a known bug.....


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Could you please PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.
The code in reported line is exactly what .133 is supposed to fix, so this is a bit puzzling.


I just updated my hubs and everything is working.


Glad to hear. Rebooting right now. I actually made a workaround for my HACS setup using MQTT.

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