Maker API: Full device info (possible bug?)

@bravenel, quick question on the Maker API:

When I pull a complete devices list from a defined Maker API instance, there is a "date" field. Where is that date field being pulled from? The reason I ask is that it doesn't always pull the correct last active date.

I created this Maker API as a test:

When I pull the complete details url (/devices): I see this:

That matches the device details:

However, then I have this:

Which does NOT match:

It's pulling the last event date. So look at the device events for that device.

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Indeed it is. So, my next question is if you would mind adding last activity date to the backlog of things to do? :smiley:

So there is activity for which there is not an event? I'll look into it, but I'm not sure it is possible to pull that information, even though it is displayed on the device page.

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Just a guess here, but I always assumed that the discrepancy was because of the following:

  • Last activity was based on the last time a device sent a report of any kind
  • All reports do not always create a new event (unless the reported metric has changed from the previous report).

Eg Device sends two battery at 1pm and another at 2pm. The 1 pm report is a new battery level (let's say 80%). This creates a new event so both "last activity" and the last event time are in sync at 1pm.
The second report at 2pm is the same 80%. Therefore the last Activity would be 2pm, while the last event would still be 1pm.

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