Maker API Error - "Cannot invoke method getAt() on null object"

I was having some troubles with my Maker API yesterday so spent a bit of time troubleshooting today. It is returning:

{"error":true,"type":"java.lang.Exception","message":"An unexpected error occurred."}

to every request.

This isn't a big deal for the requests that are to do something - the action still gets executed. But it is seen as an error by the applications requesting, and in the case of sensor data requests, there is no data returned.

For kicks, I created a new Maker API instance, in case it was an issue with old instances. That didn't improve. With debugging turned on, I get these logs:

[app:1205]( 12:18:52.106 [error]( Cannot invoke method getAt() on null object on line 815 (listDevices)
[app:1205]( 12:18:52.097 [debug]( called
[app:1205]( 12:18:52.091 [debug]( called

when this is called:

The getAt() error is visible for any call to any of my MakerAPI instances.

Running HE version

Any thoughts?

@doctorkb was pulled as a release because of known problems with MakerAPI.

I see this as well for multiple HE versions with old non-zwave plus Jasco dimmers, for another point of data.

Thanks guys... I searched first but obviously not well enough!

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