Maker API docs, articles... anything?


Forgive me if I'm just terrible at searching, but after seeing some discussion here about the Maker API, I am completely unable to find any info (docs, articles, samples, etc.).

Can someone please help me here?


Welcome to Hubitat. Documentation currently is an Achilles heel. There is some brief information in the firmware release notes post however.


You mean this?

Hubitat Maker API

  • New Built In App that creates a HTTP GET API for authorized devices

From here: Hub Update 1.1.5

That is what made me go looking for docs or anything.

FWIW, I agree about the docs achilles heel. I would strongly suggest putting some effort here. Could be Community driven, but still needs some oversight and starting content.


As an example of simple starting content... I've been digging for what seems like days to find a super simple LAN device driver example. Something I can use to build up from, as opposed to a full integration of some kind which requires me to tear down first.


They just released the documentation site today. A long way to go... but it's a start. Nothing on Maker API yet.



If you install the Maker API app there’s some brief examples too.

I’m constantly campaigning for more code examples to be released or at least open sourcing more Hubitat authored code.


I've documented what the endpoints are. This should be of some help to get the external ones going.


It’s there now:™_Maker_API


You don't mention the address, only the LAN address in the docs. It would be helpful if you included both.


I am not the author, quoting @patrick from a similar thread:


The next version will have cloud URLs in the app. The initial release was intended for local use.


Is there a way to use a single request to obtain the an attribute from multiple devices?

As an example to determine all authorized contacts sensors that report back ‘open’.


Not at this time. This is beyond the scope of a simple GET based API. Ideally this would be a POST or PUT with a body request. I've noted the request to add and it could technically be done in the URL request via a GET but it is currently not possible.


Thank you for the prompt response. That would be cool to do a get request for all statuses of a 'capability'.


Misunderstood. This would also be a neat feature. So Maker API would be something like /capability/battery would return all battery states for authorized devices.


Yes. That way you can send out http requests and get really quick responses and build directly into RM as an action to a trigger.

Example: Mode changes to day --> http request to get battery status < 10%.