Maker API command

Using an Sony tv REST API that works great from the device page and in rules, trying to send a keypress from maker api (press the mute button)

This is what shows in the fetch command page for the device


I tried:

But that didn't do it. How to I send keypress mute?

EDIT: I got it, mute is case sensitive!

Looks like mute has its own command? Just get rid of the "keypress"part.

Can you send me a link to the api code you are using?

I just got it. Problem is the mute is case sensitive, needs to be "Mute." Not using the actual mute command was intentional, the remote only has a single mute button that toggles mute and unmute, the mute function itself only mutes and a separate function unmute is required to unmute it. I'm making tasker tasks that display as small icons on my watch after tapping a little tv icon, so needing two separate buttons for muting and unmuting on watch face scale would be silly. With the capitalized M it's working perfectly now! Appreciate the quick response anyway!

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