Maker API Command Parameters with Commas

I'm using Maker API to call a driver command from Tasker on my phone, passing in two parameters, album and track name, for the music currently being played. To pass in the two parameters I am using the URL syntax introduced in 2.1.6, placing commas between the two parameter values.

The problem I have is that some albums or track names include commas themselves, so it causes an issue with the interpretation by Maker API. Is there any way I can get around this?

(As I was typing this I was thinking I could just replace the commas in Tasker.... Decided to still post in case anyone else has this same issue.)

Does it not understand surrounding strings by quotes?

Can't say I've tested my theory at all, might try the quotes as well...

Maybe try &#44 ; for the url commas?

Double quotes or %22 around the variables in the tasker URL call. Will need to do a bit more work to try and do a replace on the variables from the notification in Tasker. Will report back if I have any success.

I tried replacing a comma (,) with %2C and &#44 ; (assuming without the space), unfortunately they did not work.

In the end I replaced each comma in Tasker with ** comma ** (without the spaces) and then replace it in the driver. Not elegant, but works. When an artist comes along that wants to emphasise the word comma in their name or track title when displayed in markdown I'll change the code.

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