Make motion sensors rechargable with small charging circuit?

Because it's always going to read 100% so it makes absolutely no sense to bother with it.

How about external battery pack?
Option is good.

It's not going to read the correct percentage since the driver and device are built for a CR2 battery. Not a big external battery pack. Especially if that has to go through any type of voltage shift down to 3v from 5v, since voltage is how it measures the percentage left.

It's working for me. I don't need correct reading. Just need when it's low. Anyway..... The op is asking for a way to hardwired his sensor and not asking for our input on why we shouldn't do it so I step down with this.

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I am simply asking why you wouldn't just use a wired sensor instead. That's all.

With rare exception, I'm not either, and that's why I understand if someone wants to do something like this (plus you already have the sensors). Some Z-Wave ones can be USB-powered. Ones I'm aware of are both generations of the HS-MS100+ and Zooz ZSE18 (same hardware, probably slightly different firmware) and the Aeon Multi 6. The only Zigbee one I'm aware of is the long-discontinued ST v1 sensor. The ST sensor is great but hard to find nowadays. The others are...Z-Wave. :slight_smile:

You theoretically could use any existing wired/traditional sensor, but you'd need some way to connect it to Hubitat. HubDunio or would likely work, as may connecting the motion terminals to something like a contact sensor (something like the Ecolink with posts unless you want to solder) and using a special driver to trick Hubitat into thinking it's motion. (And in the latter case, you'd still need to figure out how to power the sensors, which doesn't help the issue we're discussing.) Most of these are bigger and uglier than, e.g., an Iris v2, and if all you're going for is power you don't necessarily need to have everything centrally run (just an easy source of mains or USB nearby), so I can imagine a few reasons someone might want to do this.

Thank you very much for the information about the SmartThings sensor. I'm going to look into that and konnected, I appreciate you actually providing helpful information instead of just being argumentative.

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