Make input required only if condition met?

What's the best way to make an input of an app a required field only if a condition is met? I think the "required: true" field requires the field even if it is not shown.

So, for example,

input name: "condition", type: "bool"....
if (condition) {
    input name: "selectiveRequirement", type: "text", required: ???

I want to make it a requirement only if the condition input is true, but optional if the condition input is false. Do I have to do post-input checking for this, or is there a better way?

I don’t believe you can put a condition within an input statement but you could duplicate that input declaration one making it required and one not with an if-else statement.

input name: "condition", type: "bool"....
if (condition) {
    input name: "myField", type: "text", required: true
else {
 input name: "myField", type: "text", required: false

Like this? Duplicate the name of the input too?

That’s correct and if your condition is based on another input, then at the end of that input include:
submitOnChange: true

This will make the page refresh so the value is set for your condition to re-evaluate.

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FWIW, I've done it the other way too:

input name: "myField", type: "text", required: (expression1 && !expression2)

(I'll repeat the note above that the submitOnChange: true thing for the fields that affect expression1 and expression2 in my example above is important if these inputs are all on the same page)