Make 3 shades operate as a group or one dashboard tile

I’ve got 3 shades on a bond hub. Individually I can operate them via a dashboard “shades” switch with 1 tile for each shade. I can also specify in a rule to close or open the shades as individual shades. Ie: sun in window @7am, close shades. And have them open at a later time.
What i would like ( and can’t seem to get there ) is all three shades on one dashboard switch to open / close as a group. Also if I could get them into a group to act together then I could get Alexa to open / close them via voice.

If you have the built-in app Groups and Scenes installed, you can create a group with the three shades. This will allow you to open/close them with one action.

Just use Room Lighting. Be sure to use the "activator device" option (just give it a name) and it will create a virtual device to command them as a group. The activator device can be added to dashboards for control. I don't use Alexa but presume it'll work there too

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That doesn’t work. The shades are nowhere to be found in any part of groups and scenes.

Yeah, shades & blinds aren't compatible with the Group & Scenes app. You have to use Room Lighting to create such a group.

Shades will usually group as a switch. The icons aren’t what you expect, but it works. I am currently using groups for shades.

Btw, they can group together as a dimmer too. That gives you the ability to command the specific position from a dashboard tile.

I have them in room lighting as shades. The problem is that I can not control them there. It’s not a problem of getting them as 3 shades listed but no matter how they are listed, I cannot open and close them inside of room lighting. I can only control them via a timed rule or via three individual tiles.

Can you post a screenshot of the Room Lighting setup?

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So you're saying when you click "Activate" and "Turn off" nothing happens?

You need to create the Activator Device - put a name in that field and a virtual device will be created that you can use to control the shades.

Mine looks like this:


What he said. Also, since it's Bond, you can't use the shade device type. I'm guessing from the device page you only have on/off. If you click where it says 'Shade' next to each device, you should get a drop-down where you can change them to switch (hopefully).

If those two things don't get you squared away, can you post a screenshot of the device page for one of them?

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What he said... :slight_smile:

Hopefully you can click on "Shade" in your Device Control table to bring up this page w/the choices...

Just tried this w/some fans integrated via Bond (I expect similar to shades) and you can't change the Type...not clickable, limited to Switch. So I expect the Shades may only be used in RL for all the down (off) or all the way open (on).


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