LZW31-SN notification bar illuminated length

Is there a way to control the notification bar's illuminated length when it is dimming? I have an Inovelli Red LZW31-SN that is dimming a group of LED can lights. I have the notification bar colors set to let me know if any of my locks are unlocked. If the controlled lights are at 100% the light bar is illuminated for its full length. When they are dimmed it is illuminated for a proportionally shorter segment. I understand why that might be desirable but in my application I want it to be fully illuminated regardless of the dim level. Is there a setting I'm missing that can enable this?

I have a few of those dimmers and am not aware of a way to set them up to be fully illuminated when a load only has full power.

@ericm might know more, of you could ask the question on the Inovelli forum in case someone there knows of a way to do this.

In my opinion, adding the ability to manually control the “level” of the dimmer LED bar would be a great feature! I can see multiple use cases where this would provide value. It would allow a quick way to see/report the level of a group of lights, of a roller shade, the speed of a fan, power usage of a plug, etc…

Parameter 13 is the color
Parameter 14 is the brightness

A good simulator: Inovelli Switch Toolbox

Brightness does not control the length of the bar that is illuminated. What I want to be able to enable is having the bar illuminated along its full length when it is dimming. I've got the intensity and colors I want.

It appears that the issue is that I'm changing color and not setting a notification, parameter 16. Below is a reply from the Inovelli forum, user mamber. I can't test until I get home next week.


I agree with PJF. It sounds like you are just setting the LED bar color and not using the “Notification” setting. Notification settings can control the color AND an effect like blink, pulse, chase, and SOLID.

If you set a notification with the SOLID effect, then it will be the whole bar, regardless of the dimming level of the load.

See here for getting the parameter values needed to set a Notification:

Yep, sounds like mamber was able to give you the info. A notification is probably best for what you are trying to do. You can do that by using the preferences of the device to create a child device or by using a custom command such as "startNotification".