LZW31-SN lag

I have a LZW31-SN switch it takes ~1.5sec for a button presses to affect my hue bulbs. Is this lag normal?

I am using LZW31-SN switch (driver updated 2020-06-02) firware 1.45
habitat (
hue bridge
and hue bulbs (hueBridgeBulbRGBW)

the automation is set up in "simple automation rules".
after the "up" button is pressed
the action of ON() is passed to the hue group

this takes about 1.5 seconds

If I simulate the button press via device page the lag is negligible 0 - .5 seconds.
I can also increase the time to ~2 seconds if I use "rule machine" instead of "simple automation rules"

is there a way I can reduce this lag, the switch is fealing unintuitive with the delay.

update: if I don't touch the device for a while the lag is increased to ~3seconds when the command is issued.

There is about a 700 ms delay from a single tap on the Inovelli until the button event gets sent due to the fact that it needs to make sure you're not doing a multitap first. That could explain at least half of your delay, and aside from disabling this feature (not currently possible but something I think they're open to looking into in the future), there's probably no way around that. But it still sounds like there's more. Perhaps the combination of Simple Automation Rules and the need to go out to the Hue Bridge adds a bit more each that adds up to the total of what you notice? If you're interested in pinpointing anything beyond this, you could try watching the logs to see when things happen, though the Hue integration doesn't have much logging and I'm not sure what SAR offers, so you might not get much out of that besides seeing when Hubitat gets the button event from the dimmer. Just one idea!

I also have a regular dumb bulb beside the smart one which is on another LZW31-SN switch and if I tap both at the same time the hue bulbs lag about +1 second behind.

In the logs, the delay between the button press and the command to hue bulbs is .180 seconds.

I wonder if it could be the time it takes the switch to send a command to the hub

Is Hubitat fast when you send a command to the Hue bulbs via the device page? Mine are practically instant (though I stopped using Hubitat's native integration a while back), but if yours aren't, that could explain that part of the problem.

yes commands to Hue from device page are instant.

Bumping this up again, not OP.

Using a basic rule to trigger when motion hits it, but there is a bit of lag for the lights going on with motion. Suggested config setting I should look at?

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