Lux value per mode?

With the motion lighting app, is it possible to set different lux values per mode to turn on lights?

If mode = x and lux = x then Y. I would use RM for that

It greatly depends on your specific use case. Can you elaborate what you are trying to achieve, and what would be the ideal trigger for the lights to come on/off?

I have multiple modes between sunrise and sunset, and would like to set different lux values to each of those modes to turn on lights. I was hoping to do it via there motion lighting app, instead of rule machine

You probably could, if you give me an example of what you are trying to accomplish. You cannot "set" a lux value, that is an event generated by the device. Are you trying to turn on a light when motion is active and mode is X but only if lux is less than Y?

Sorry for not explaining my need properly. Yes that is what I am trying to do

Mode A and lux < B = turn on lights
Mode C and lux < D = turn on lights

With what trigger? Motion active, mode changes, lux changes or conditional (mode + lux)?

Motion active, mode check, lux changes as defined per mode

Motion is active then turn on light only IF mode is say "Day" and lux level is below certain value?

"Lux changes" would be a trigger, just like motion activates. Lux level is less than something is a condition that can be set as restriction in the Motion Lighting app.

Motion is active then set lights to 60% only IF mode is say "Day" and lux level is below 10

Motion is active then set lights to 40% only IF mode is say "Afternoon" and lux level is below 20

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You can have one Motion Lighting rule for each mode, unless you create a complex Rule Machine rule to address all modes in one rule, which I don't recommend.

Here is what your Motion Lighting Rule would look like for "Day" mode:

Here is what the "Afternoon" rule might look like:

Notice that modes to turn on the lights in Motion Lighting are an exclusion. So if you want the lights to turn on when mode is Day, but only below 10 lux, you'd need to select all other modes.

This is very helpful. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance!


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