Lutron's in Hubitat to ST?

Hi There! I bought a Lutron Pro 2 hub and a Hubitat - honestly the interface for Hubitat is not going to work for my wife and I. SO can I install the Lutron's in Hubitat but use them in STs? I want local and pico control but the interface and the app for Hubitat is pretty aweful.

You don't need the Lutron switches from HE to ST just the Pico to ST with Hubconnect. ST has Lutron Caseta integration.

but isn't ST cloud based?

Yes it is. The dashboard or web UI are the only two with local.

Edit : You can also use the Lutron app for switch and pico control.

There is no need to see or use the Hubitat interface to use your Lutron devices.

And if you really want to stay with the ST interface, you can use your Lutron with ST and sell your Hubitat hub. I believe the integration has to go cloud-to-cloud but if you go ST you are already bought into the issues of cloud.

The admin UI for Hubitat--which is what I assume you're talking about--was not meant for day-to-day device usage and monitoring. Hubitat Dashboard was created for that purpose. I'm not sure what specific qualms you have with the UI, so if manually controlling devices--which can work but certainly isn't optimized for that purpose if that is what you are doing--is one, this may be one solution. (SharpTools is something else you could look at.)

However, I'm not 100% sure what you're asking about regarding Lutron. The Lutron Smart Bridge Pro 2 (it does need to be "Pro" for Hubitat) can be integrated with multiple systems at the same time, so you could use it both with Hubitat and SmartThings--you don't need to choose. However, as you may be aware, SmartThings' integration doesn't support as many things as Hubitat's does, with Picos being a notable omission. As mentioned above, you could use something like HubConnect to "share" those devices from Hubitat to ST if you wanted. However, if all you're integrating is Lutron-to-Lutron (e.g., a Pico to a Caseta dimmer), you don't even need to put Hubitat (or ST) in the picture at all. Even remotely simulating a Pico button press can be done with the Lutron app, no need for Hubitat (and it will still run whatever Hubitat automation you have assigned to that button push).

In any case, putting the cloud in the middle sounds like a way to increase frustration to me. :slight_smile: If there's a specific issue you could address on the Hubitat side to make it work for you, I think that's more likely to increase your acceptance factor in the long run. Unless you're already happily using ST and just want to use Hubitat to supplement something it's not providing for you right now (like the ability to use Picos), my opinion is that it would be better to just use Hubitat here, so being more specific about what you're trying to accomplish and how you want to do it may provoke others to provide ideas you might like if you haven't considered them already.

Good luck either way!


You should check out the new work @spelcheck has done with Dashboards.

My wife said "oh that is pretty, I don't need the ST app anymore then" when I showed her the simple cell phone Dashboard I made just for her phone.

Work in progress but much nicer. than stock IMO. I still need to integrate more devices on another Dashboard for the"Command Center" iPad


Check out sharp tools too.


I was just about to say the same. SharpTools is great.

ST is a cloud based system. you will lose the local benefit of the picos if you try and send their events to Hubitat. Imagine this....your internet goes down for whatever reason. Now, you can't turn on your smartbulbs with your picos, because the bulbs are connected to ST. And you can't control them through the ST app because your internet is out, even if you're at home. What's the wife going to say if that happens?

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Not to mention the delays on some days. Hit button no light, then hit the button again thinking maybe you didn't push correctly, only to have the lights turn on, and then back off because you hit it twice. Yeah been there!!

SharpTools is a very good app don't get me wrong, but it is cloud based to right? No internet no dashboard. If you use HE built in Dashboards app you can have full local access regardless? Much of the beauty in HE is having "full" local access. IMO

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Absolutely...but I could tolerate delays if I had to. I couldn't tolerate not being able to turn on my lights. That's why when I was on ST I didn't have any smartbulbs. All wall-dimmers. So i could have backup local control of the lights.