Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and Somfy integration?

I have a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro controlling some Lutron shades, works great. Have a few big interior Somfy roller shades, currently wired with rocker switches. I would like to integrate the Somfys and Lutrons together.

Seems I could integrate Somfy into Hubitate Elevation (I understand it would require converting the Somfys to wireless, maybe RTS or something else), then Lutron shades (currently Caseta wireless) into HE, and have it all work together. Is this possible? Has anyone done something like this?

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  • Dave

WRT the Somfys, you can integrate them via RTS, or via a multi-relay controller connected to your existing wiring.

Here is a driver for an RTS bridge:

Here is a driver for a multi-relay approach:

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You can also look at a Bond Bridge, I use that to control my Somfy shades. There is also a Community developed set of drivers:

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Thanks guys for the info on the RTS bridge and Bond hub. When I can carve out some time I’ll take some steps forward. It looks like step one will be to buy and install a multi-relay controller so I can have a variety of ways of switching those Somfy motors. Right now it’s just 120V hardwire. And hey, after that it’s just a simple matter of software, right? :wink:

  • Dave

The multi-relay controller may be a useful addition, but in terms of the Bond bridge it would not be required, the bridge can communicate directly with the Somfy motors.


Thanks Simon, good to know.

  • Dave

If it's an older install, designed for rocker switch operation, the motors may not have RTS. In that case, using any of the wireless solutions would require upgrading the motors. A Multi-relay solution will not require motor upgrades.

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These motors were installed around 1999 so I'm pretty sure they're not RTS enabled. I believe what you're saying is that I can install a Somfy "Somfy HRC-RF Head-Rail-Control #1822183" and it will provide the ability to control from many inputs: IR, same 120V rocker I have, Telis remote, and low-voltage wired switch -- at a cost less than a new motor and prolly less trouble. Do I have it right?

  • Dave

I believe that would get you an RTS interface, but I don't believe that you would continue to use your rockers at 120V. You would probably want to connect the rocker to the low voltage contacts on the #1822183 instead. You would still need some form of RTS bridge as well.

The alternative I was speaking of was to leave the 120V rockers alone, and wire something like a Zooz ZEN16 or ZEN17 in parallel to the rockers. Around $30 per shade instead of $175 per shade.

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