Lutron Shades - How to Stop Movement?

Does anyone know if it's possible to stop movement of shades in a rule?

Under Shades, the options are either either Open Shade, Close Shade, or Set position.

Under custom actions, I don't see an action for shades.

Under devices, on the shade itself, if I press the 'Off' button, this does result in the shade stopping movement. But in RM, I've also tried a custom action for button press set to both 'off' and 'toggle' and neither seem to work. Wondering if I am missing something.


I'd like to know that too. It seems that shade drivers are simply missing that function :frowning:

I would like to know the answer too

Me too

Can you send the position of where it currently is to stop it?
Refresh Current position, set an internal variable to the current position, and then set the shades to that position.

Hi Mark,
Could u explain to stupid people like me how to do that please?

I created a local variable "Shades position", then I noticed the shades level not update instantly, so if the shade started at 0% and moved at 55% it isn't updated on the device info, so the local variable capture 0%.
As well idk how to set the shade level using the local variable number.

It's way too complicated even for HE standards, can't understand why aren't more people complaining as, stop shades or garage doors it's pretty standard procedure.

it's even more frustrating when in the device info page there is a "STOP" button that works perfectly but i can't find a way to make it stop on the rule manager.
I tried to create a custom attribute then set string and write stop as string, didn't work. But if i do same with open or close it works perfectly....I'm going to sleep very frustrate today and been wasted 2 hours of my life on this.

In Rule Machine, add a “Custom Action”, select “actuator” as the type of device, and then hopefully you will be able to select your device. Once you do this, you should be able to call any of the commands exposed by the device, including the “Stop” command. Hope this helps.

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The first action would be a refresh of the position, that should force an update. Use the position and feed that back as the commanded position. You may need to create a local variable or 2 depending on how RM allows you to set the shades. As I type this, yes I agree that this seems more convoluted than it should be for a simple function. @ogiewon's suggestion is the more direct option if you can find the right combination.

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Thanks a lote! It worked perfectly...I tried the same but didn't choose it actuator if not as switch

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Wow, this forum is packed with so much valuable information!
I just made my first Rule Machine rule (look mama I did it! :baby: ) and I needed a specific command. Glad I found this post! saved me hours of frustration...

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