Lutron RR-VCRX Pulsed Output (CCO1) Not Working


Running on C-7 and RR-VCRX pulsed output (CCO1) is not working when I click 'Push' from the Hubitat device page.

Pressing both the physical and soft button from Lutron app works as expected.

Logs below show Hubitat button press followed by Lutron soft button press:

I believe 21,2,3 is respectively soft keypad, button 2 (RR-VCRX CC01 pulsed), and press action
28 is RR-VCRX
27 is RR-VCRX CCO4 (garage door status)

Please show the device page for VCRX.

When you say

what button number are you putting in to push? Also, what is the integration id for the VCRX?

28 is RR-VCRX

The log was generated by pushing the button on the VCRX Output 1 page:

Do you get anything in the logs when you push that?

OK, I see the logs for it. I'll have to test this tomorrow with my VCRX. The error in your logs doesn't appear to be connected to the button push, as it is 15 seconds later.

What is Lutron device with integration id 27?

27 is RR-VCRX CCO4 (garage door status)

Could you post (or PM me) the App Status page, Application State, for the Lutron Integration app.

This page?

No, but never mind that. I am able to reproduce what you are reporting. I had not noticed this issue before because I use my VCRX in a slighting different way. I'm digging into why it is failing and what to do about it.

If you have your VCRX buttons linked to activate the outputs (that's how I do it), then there is a workaround available.

What's the workaround?

Upon further testing, I was wrong above. This is working for me.

So, I'm back to the question I had above: what is device 27? I don't see it in the list you just posted. All of the elements of the VCRX have integration id 28. What is device 21? What is its relationship to the VCRX?

I'm not clear on how you have this setup. I'm using mine to control 3 garage doors connected to the outputs of the VCRX. Pushing button one or output one on the VCRX controls the first door. I don't know what you mean by 'soft keypad' -- is this something from the Lutron mobile app? I don't use their app at all -- everything is in Hubitat. If I push the Output 3 button of the VCRX from that Hubitat child device, or push button 3 of the Hubitat VCRX parent device, either one opens/closes garage door #3.

Incidentally, the only reason to integrate the VCRX using 'v' (for VCRX) is if you are using the inputs. If you are just using it to send outputs, you can integrate it as a keypad ('k'). It's a 6 button keypad, and can be used in automations as such. Buttons 1 through 4 control outputs 1 through 4 (momentary push). If it is integrated as a VCRX ('v'), then it can still be used as a 6 button keypad (ignoring the child component devices).

I use my VCRX inputs in Hubitat.

I believe device 21 is the 'soft keypad.' A virtual keypad on the Lutron app.

I believe 27 is VCRX CCO4 (garage door status). I don't use device 27 in Hubitat.

We have two garage doors: G1 and G2. I am not using any of the buttons on the VCRX. I can configure them if it will help diagnose this issue.

Here is the configuration of my VCRX:

OK. With respect to the error in the logs, I suspect but will have to confirm that the error is because device 27 is sending an event for a non-existent device in Hubitat. That should be harmless, and shouldn't throw an error. So I will investigate making the error go away. Also, that would have nothing to do with your issue with the other VCRX, device 28.

So I don't see anything wrong with this on the Hubitat side. It is sending the push command to CCO1 as it should, as evidenced by the response from Lutron (rcvd: DEVICE,28,1,3).

You could test this without Hubitat in the loop at all by opening a Telnet session to the main repeater. Give it the command #device,28,1,3. You should get back that message from Lutron, and that pushes that output button and the corresponding button on the VCRX.

Did you set the CCO output to a pulse duration in the Program section of the Essentials software?

If I'm interpreting the Lutron Integration Protocol correctly, #device,28,1,3 presses Scene/Keypad button 1 on the VCRX, not the Output button 1. There doesn't appear to be a way to programmatically press the physical Output buttons on the VCRX?

Is it possible that you configured the VCRX Scene 1 to pulse Output 1 in the Lutron software? I have not configured any of the VCRX scene buttons.

CCO1 is configured to pulse and pressing the physical Output 1 button on the VCRX opens/closes the garage door.

Neither have I. As far as I know, outputs 1 to 4 are tied to buttons 1 to 4 in the VCRX.

For example, if I push button 1 on the VCRX itself, that activate output 1. Does yours not? There is no independent command available for the outputs, only the #device,btn,3.

I don't believe that is correct. That may be the default/out-of-the-box configuration (I don't recall) but that shouldn't be considered implicitly true.

When I press the physical Scene 1 button, nothing happens - because it isn't configured.

May I suggest removing the 'Push' button from the Hubitat VCRX Output pages and directing users to the Push button on the VCRX page?

Appreciate the assistance.

Given that there is no command to control the outputs of a VCRX, I guess the component devices for CCO should just not be created at all. They have no purpose.

In Essentials, my VCRX buttons are set as Single/Multi-Room Scene.

Personally, I'd prefer/expect them to be listed as component devices as they are now. It's nice to be able to label them for documentation purposes. Also, if they aren't created at all, people will wonder why they aren't listed.

Hmmm, a device that doesn't do anything. It has not states and no commands.

I'll preface that I don't have a VCRX, but looking at the integration guide it looks like the outputs are directly controllable.

But the easiest way to control them is via one of the 6 buttons on the VCRX keypad. And those buttons must be programmed in the Lutron software, there is no default programming of any keypad buttons.

If you look at an integration report all the outputs have an integration ID. Those IDs are separate from the VCRX ID.

Based on page 139 of the integration guide (version AE is most current)

You can see that the outputs are triggered by an #OUTPUT command with the output integration ID.

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