Lutron RadioRA2 Motion Sensors and Hubitat- worth it?

So holy crap their switches and devices are expensive!

Where are people buying from?

Now you know why most of us are very happy with the Lutron Caseta product line. :wink:


I've purchased about 1/2 of my system from Hanks Electric ( and they're now the only dealer I would buy from. The person to contact is Paul Willemsen ( He will get you a fair quote on RadioRA 2 products.

Another source is eBay. Contractors will often sell overstock or overbought items from completed jobs at really good prices.

Hanks doesn't have the premium for Light Almond color on some Caseta parts that I'm used to paying for retail. Thanks for the link.

You have to contact Paul to get a quote. There are some part numbers not listed on their web site. RadioRA 2 dimmers, like all Maestro dimmers, have over 20 color options including Light Almond.

Something I learned with this setup. I’m not sure if others have encountered, but you will want to change the RRA2 frequency so it’s not a match of your Caseta setup. I found it was causing upwards of 5-8 second delays to turn lights on. After changing the frequency based off google searches the speed is now instant.

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Umm... No.

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Which others?

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Home Assistant

I'm sure I missed some.

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All allow for automations that mix and match components of two concurrently installed caseta and radio ra2 systems?

Yeah. Once the bridge is part of the system it's just another device gateway. Just like anything else.

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I can confirm Homeseer as I’m doing it now.

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Looking into this, seemed sensible to use this thread with the background. Curious if I can use a light turning on/off to trigger other actions?

Thinking if I have the RA2 Select the only feature I'd probably want is the ability to trigger something else with motion sensor coming on - but that motion sensor triggers the light on (which I understand can be seen in hubitat) - so can that be set as a trigger?


Of course, that's available in the various rules apps.

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Anything different in your opinions now verses previous posts in here?

I'm leaning towards RA2 Select as the motion is the only difference I can see which I can combat through the light on/off.

RA2 Select from my research can do scenes etc, to keep dimming at a certain level. I presume if I want more time / light based control I can automate that from HE using scenes.

The mobile app, whilst not relevant for me particularly, would add some wife friendliness

Anything I'm missing? I'm happy to do the training etc. web setup not an issue, just struggling to see what the benefit for the extra cost is for my use but don't want to get the wrong thing!

Given the price difference, relative to the overall investment, I'd just buy a RA2 main repeater on eBay, and take the online training for it. I would not use RA2 Select.

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I agree on skipping Select. Besides not providing Telnet feed for motion sensors, Select dimmers always come on at 100% and do not support seeTouch keypads.

If you have the time I'd also wait just a while to see what Lutron's announcement is going to do.

RA3, no doubt. $64000 questions: Is it backwards compatible with RA2? Does it support Telnet?

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Or will they document their new LEAP(?) API for equivalent functionality?



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