Lutron pico buttons

@mike.maxwell this driver does not seem to have the numberOfButtons attribute like the other button devices do.

could this be added please?

thank you.

Both Lutron Pico and Lutron Fast Pico have numberOfButtons:

Lutron Pico41%20AM

Lutron Fast Pico13%20AM

whilst the attribute should be set on install (in general for all button controllers), there's nothing that mandates this, so to be safe if this attribute hasn't been set, I would prompt the user for the button count, then be nice and send a numberOfButtons event on behalf of the device...

@doug please share the current state for your lutron pico.

thank you.

actually here it is from another thread … doesnt seem to have the number of buttons?

@doug also please try saving the preferences once and see if the numberOfButtons attribute shows up.

from what @mike.maxwell said above … makes me think someone might have forgotten to publish this one on install. :wink:

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numberOfButtons is set when the device is installed, or when the preferences are saved. Is the Pico in question a very old installation? Just tell the user to set the number of buttons preference and hit Save.

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thanks … will wait for @doug to respond and try it out.

Nope, our bad. It's Maxwell's fault :sunglasses: (even though I wrote the base driver). We will fix it. Hitting Save in Preferences will fix the device. It's missing the sendEvent to set it in installed().


blame it on maxwell … kind of catchy and rhymy … like it :wink:

Bruce is across the hall from me currently, I told him to say that as I knew you would get a chuckle out of it!


you know me well brother :grinning:

they really need a :chuckle: icon

Yup, that did the trick. Thanks guys.

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Can someone help me set up my Pico I have it set up but I cannot get the buttons to work? I am using the Fast Pico device and have 5 Buttons and have them set to turn on my fan but when I pushed the button nothing happens? Is there something that I can check to make sure it is in included correctly?

Just to be pedantic - you have configured the buttons using Button Controller, correct?

I must be getting old, I had to Google it. I think computers and cell phone dependency has fried my brain.

@aaiyar Yes I did and still not recording. @rich.princeau I'm getting old also.

Thanks for the help and i finally got it working.