Lutron Pico $11.45 on Amazon

Saw this on the ST forum and thought I would share. Lutron Picos are $11.45 on Amazon right now:

Looks like HD has same price now too. Energy Avenue is over $12 a piece.

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Really basic question....aussie here, and dont know anything about this button. How does it connect? Does it require some special lutron hub, because from the amazon page, it's not zigbee/zwave?

Requires a Lutron Caseta Pro bridge to be used with HE.

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As @aaiyar mentions it requires the Lutron Caseta Pro hub which HE connect to via telnet. The Picos and Lutron devices are super fast and you can program the 5 buttons to do anything in HE or make it 10 buttons with push and hold too.

Because Amazon has a sale on Pico's ?? :slight_smile:

Wow. That's some sniffer. :smiley: :smiley:

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I wish the 2 button was on sale too. It's still $15+.


While it might seem high (at $15.30 on Amazon), that price is actually pretty close to the lowest price that the two-button Pico remotes have even been ($14.26). The average price for the two-button remotes is ~$20.

I have some Lutron on/off switches and just bought a couple two-button remotes after looking at their current/historical pricing on CamelCamelCamel.

I'm looking at adding at least one, maybe 2, 2 button remotes. I only need 4 actions in a couple of rooms and I find if I add the 5 button remote I force myself to find things for the other 3 buttons. lol