Lutron Physical Change Rule

So my thought was to create a rule that says if a certain light is changed physically then to run a rule.

It seems like the Lutron lights don’t work with physical rule triggers.

Has anyone got this to work ?

Are you looking for a physical dimmer or a physical switch?

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I haven't tried it. The do appear to be selectable - if selected do they not work?

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You have to select the physical device when selecting the trigger events - note there is an entry for switch and for physical switch as well as dimmer and physical dimmer level . . .

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This is what I did. Chose physical switch, selected a switch and created an action to turn on a virtual switch.

It doesn’t work.

Strange. That works for me.

Yes, I just tried it in my hall bathroom and it works. My rule was to send a pushover message if the fan switch (a Lutron Caseta Switch) was turned on physically. My motion rule turned it on - no message. I reached in and hit the button - got the pushover message. Worked as I would have expected it. And I learned something new!

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And taught me something new! So here's something in return that you may or may not know. If you control the switch using the Lutron app, that will considered as a "Physical Switch" or "Physical Dimmer" trigger by HE.



Important detail to know! Thanks!

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Sorry guys, I realized I was trying to kick off the rule while the light was already on. I realize it needs to be off first, then physically turn it on....

I was hoping if somebody walked into the bathroom, the motion lighting turned on the light like normal. If somebody wanted to take a shower, to hit the physical button on and it would turn on a virtual switch which turns off motion lighting.

Problem is, the light is already on so it won’t trigger...

OK, I follow. I didn't try that but I take your word for it.

How about this - my motion rule turns on the light (dimmer value - based on mode - time of day) - when you enter the bathroom, if you want to over-ride, hit the UP button on the dimmer. You can catch that PHYSICAL action and then use it as you wish . . .



My bathrooms only have an on and off switch. No dimmer.

There is a remedy for that . . .


Honestly - I don't own any stock in Lutron (actually, I think they are privately owned).

Lutron is privately held.

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