Lutron on Wink Hub on Hubitat

I'm switching from Wink to Hubitat this week. One thing Wink has that Hubitat doesn't is a radio to talk to my Caseta dimmers. This community seems pretty creative. Is there any chance someone could come up with a way to attach the Wink Hub 2 to the Hubitat Elevation to use it as a radio to control Lutron devices?

The advice you will probably get is to buy a SmartBridge Pro.

The Wink hubs may not talk locally. It wouldn't matter how smart we are. I don't use Wink or Lutron though so I don't know for sure.


The Wink Hub 2, unlike the original, has local control for lights (or at least that's what Wink told us).

It looks like it might talk locally. Maybe it's time for Dan Dixon to get his groovy on.


It would be a waste of time.... Notice, in the "Blink" readme, the reference to firmwave 0.47 being new... The code only worked on the very early original Wink hubs that were rootable....

Later versions did claim to have local control, and they did... BUT the local interface requires a token to operate. The token is aquired by logging into the Wink API and requesting the token... Once acquired, the token expires in 7 days.... So... Within 7 days of the Wink API being restricted (by a subscription paywall) or being terminated (by the service shutting down), the local control component will also terminate.


:frowning: It is not time for Dan Dixon to get his groovy on.


I think the Wink implementation of Lutron is crippled. You certainly cannot use Pico remotes with Wink like you can with the Pro Bridge and Hubitat combination. Pico were limited to be paired with Lutron switches only in Wink.

And besides, nobody has recently hacked a Wink, or at least hasn't really publicly spoke of it. There were some early firmwares on the V1 that could be hacked, but they closed that at some point, and the V2 never was cracked.

It just isn't worth it.