Lutron Integration Feature Request: Update Activity

The Lutron integration doesn't update the activity for it's device when something hits it. Any chance that could be added.

Just triggers OCD to see the "Last Activity" column blank, and in the device, same thing. lol.

You know how much that would get updated in lots of systems??? :slight_smile:

I think the CPU cycles are better spent elsewhere!

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I did think of that. I guess I don’t know where that info is stored. A DB insert shouldn’t be that big of a penalty. There’s a heartbeat entry that’s up to date in the device, so maybe it’s that info since it’s already being written.

Just wondering if maybe something could be there at least. If you’re looking for devices that haven’t reported in a while, it gets filtered to the top even though it’s fine.

Or make it toggleable if there’s concern. Lol. :slight_smile:

How about hiding it? Take it off the "device page" as it's not really a device but an integration.


That would also work. :slight_smile: