Lutron + Hue: alternate hue scenes with middle button

Hi guys,

i am pretty new to this, and just got to work basic stuff with my pico and my hue lights. I can change color, set scenes, turn on/off.

I want to use the middle button to change scenes (scene 1 ==> scene 2 ==> scene 3 ==> back to scene 1).

what is the simpler way to do it? should i create a variable and start something like action change scene and add +1 to variable until i get to the last scene and put the variable back to 0 ?

how to do that?


I might plug my own Dimmer Button Controller app here--I wrote it to do exactly what you're asking (really yo emulate the Hue Dimmer behavior but on Hubitat, but you can configure any button to do anything; with 5-button Picos, I like 1 and 3 as scene-cycling buttons).

That being said, you can't currently natively access Hue scenes from Hubitat. So you'll either have to capture or create them as Hubitat scenes or, in my app, manually specify the level, color temperature, and/or color for each bulb/group. It can use Hubitat scenes but I haven't tested it that much, and Hubitat also doesn't support start/stop raising/lowering (smooth dimming) commands on groups, so "dim while held" won't wok on groups. If you use it and find any problems, let me know. I mostly address individual Bridge-connected bulbs with manual settings, so that's mostly what I've tested.

Thanks a lot!
I love your app and i replaced my simple actions by your app for all buttons besides #3

My problem is that i need to rotate scenes and i can't use your app to turn on then off the scene.

turn on scene 1 / button press / turn on scene 2 / button press / turn on scene 3 / back to scene 1

but what happens is that it doesn't turn off the previously turned on scene. So it conflicts with multiple scenes on and ends up stuck on one scene

any ideas?

I guess I could make it turn off the previous scene (it does save this since there is also a "turn off last scene" action, which you can assign to a button already) before going to the next. My assumption, however, is that generally you'd be rotating through a scenes for the same area/room. If you want some lights off for some scenes, shouldn't that be part of the scene? (I don't know how people typically use scenes; I mostly use native Hue scenes myself and this is more or less how I feel it works if you tell certain bulbs to be off, as I do.)

yes i am rotating through the scenes, at least i am trying to...

i just tried again and now it works perfectly! Activating the next scene takes care of the previous scene as well...

So forget it... everything is perfect... thanks so much!

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How are you guys rotating through Hue scenes? I have my Hue lights integrated with the Advanced Hue Bridge Integration so I can pull in scenes, but they come in as switches, and there's no "select random switch" option...