Lutron From Scratch

I have HE, and I'm building a new house. All wires have neutral. I just finished my RadioRA2 training and I have the RadioRA2 Essentials software. I'm installing ceiling fans (no lights), ceiling cans (dimmable), exhaust fans, and a few strings of LEDs (dimmable). All of my loads are under 600W (150W LED)

  1. Where should I buy the switches from?
  2. What LED light bulbs should I use? My main interest is 1. as cheap as possible, 2. able to be dimmed.
  3. What LED strips should I use? These will be for undercounter lighting, under shelves in closets, etc.
  4. RRD-6CL seems to be the cheapest switch. Is it worth $50 each to go up the RRD-10ND or 6A?
  5. I see references to RRD-6ND but it isn't available in RadioRA2 Essentials version 11.2 software that I'm using.

I'm committed to being able to manage my own programming, so I don't want someone to use the upgraded software to keep me out of my own products. The LED tool assumes you know which switch you have OR which lights you have. I don't know either!