Lutron Dimmer Weirdness

I am at a loss here. Situation is thus. I have a Lutron dimmer model number PD-6WCL. I actually have quite a few. Lutron Hub is the Pro version. I can no longer control this switch consistently using Hubitat or the Lutron app. If I am standing a few feet away it will usually respond via the Lutron app on my phone, but if I am not near the switch and pointed toward it, it doesn't work. If I toggle the switch from Hubitat, I see the light toggle on the Lutron app, but the light doesn't change.

I have removed and re-added the switch to Lutron and rebooted the Lutron hub. What would cause the Lutron (Clear Connect?) protocol to behave like this?

If this device worked previously then its likely gone bad.
Since its also not working from the lutron app i woukd call lutron support maybe they will send a replacement

Your phones physical proximity to the device shouldn't matter, since all the commands are coming from the Pro Hub. Can you test the switch after moving the pro hub closer to the switch?

How far away is it from the bridge? Do you have any signal repeaters in your system?

This. I have a few bedside Picos that worked great for a year and then all of a sudden stopped working. I brought them closer to the hub and they worked. Called Lutron support and he suggested a repeater and once I installed one between the hub and these Picos all has been well.

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UPDATE: I ordered a new switch that should arrive today. This morning, my wife told me the switch worked this morning, and sure enough, it is now responding as it should. I have absolutely no answer to what happened.