Lutron Dimmer Switch not Turing on in Habitat

I have a strange issue as my new Lutron Dimmer Switch will physically work correctly when pushing buttons (off/On/Dimmers) and through the Lutron Mobile app, but not inside Habitat. When going into the device itself in Habitat, everything can be controlled correctly with the exception of "On" - it will not come on. Pressing "Off" and "Set Level" all function correctly, just not when trying to press On from the device settings.

My motion sensor rule for these Kitchen lights will not turn on the lights even though in the logs show that it is turning on.

Any ideas here?

open a live log in a separate tab on your pc. On the other tab go to the lutron device's tab and click ON and see what the logs say. You should see the command issued followed by a couple of telnet lines. Post a screenshot of that log (use windows snip)