Lutron controller to bind them all?

Is there a Lutron controller or bridge that will support all of the Hubitat supported Lutron devices where they suggest, for various Lutron devices, a Caseta SmartBridge Pro, Radio RA2 or RA2 Main Repeater? I'm hoping to support Lutron Pico remotes as well as motion sensors Thanks!

Caseta's SmartBridge Pro will allow Hubitat to monitor and control Caseta Switches, Dimmers, Fan Controllers and Pico Remotes. The recently released Caseta Occupancy (motion) sensor is not supported by Hubitat as Lutron has not added it to the Telnet integration interface that Hubitat utilizes.

RadioRA2 can support Pico remotes, as well as RadioRA2 Switches, Dimmers, Keypads, etc... including Occupancy sensors. The issue is the price of this hardware, as well as the training required to be allowed to configure it. The training is free, but it is required.

The two systems are completely independent, with the only overlapping devices being the Pico remotes. Caseta devices will not work with RadioRA2, and vice versa.

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When I was doing my research I found this to be a good comparison resource. It may not have the newest Caseta Occupancy (motion) sensor that @ogiewon mentioned, but good info none the less.


One Lutron controller to rule them all ....

And in the darkness bind them?


Thanks so much everyone! Retired Software Techie but new to Hubitat so trying to learn all this after leaving Wink with several others apparently.

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In one sense Hubitat is the Lutron controller to bind them all. Hubitat can integrate with multiple Lutron systems at the same time. So, for example, you can use multiple RA2 main repeaters and/or multiple Caséta SmartBridge PROs, along with RA2 Select, GRAFIK Eye, etc. Thus it is possible to overcome the arbitrary marketing imposed limitations that Lutron puts on its systems, linking multiple Lutron systems into one system controlled by Hubitat. I'm not a fan of mobile apps, in general, and Lutron's are no exception; so I never have a reason to use Lutron's mobile apps (which remain tied to their respective bridge/repeater). I like automations, and these Lutron devices, while good, are just smart devices that can work in automations. My own home has a mix of RA2, Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. In some places a RA2 motion sensor turns on Z-Wave lights, and in another instance a Zigbee contact sensor turns on a RA2 switch, etc. Plus, Picos all over the place. All working together harmoniously in an automated -- elevated home: Hubitat Elevation doing the magic making smart devices serve.


Good point!

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