Lutron Caseta (Pro) + Hubitat Elevation Pico Question


As much a Lutron question as a Hubitat question but . . .

I would like to be able to use a Pico on/off remote (PJ2-2B-GWH-L01) to control a GE Z-Wave outdoor outlet (14284). The GE outlet is already being controlled by Hubitat using a Simple Lighting rule based on a schedule but I would like to add the remote to provide a convenient way to manually override.

I see that the Pico remotes that I have paired with a dimmer show up in the Lutron app and they show up on the integration manifest so I can import them into Hubitat.

Is there a method to pair the Pico remote with the Caseta Pro hub without pairing it to a dimmer or a switch? I haven't seen this in the documentation (so far).



The Lutron app will join any devices that are in the same room when you add them to the bridge. You can edit the device in the Lutron app to change or remove this association.


Understood (I think). But how do I join the Pico to the Caseta Pro Smart Bridge WITHOUT associating it with a Lutron Dimmer or Switch? So far (I think) the only ones I see in the Lutron ("My Home") Android App are the Picos that I paired with a dimmer. I feel like I am missing something really basic . . .


If you put the dimmer and Pico into different rooms when you add them to the bridge they won't find each other so to speak...


Not sure you can always prevent them from pairing when they are bought as a set.
They seem to add both to the bridge when adding the dimmer with the pico pre-associated with the dimmer.


I purchased the combo when I first started with Lutron - hub, wall switch and pico came in one box. Then purchased 3 additional pico's. Never paired a pico with a wall switch, in fact I didn't even add in the wall switch till about a month after the pico's.

I just added the pico's to the Lutron app and then carried them over to Hubitat.


Maybe its the order of operations, I did the dimmer first. and the Pico was auto added
at least that's my memory of it


Your Pico is associated with the dimmer. Just reset the Pico and readd it to the Lutron Bridge and it will be independent.


Don't need to reset it - open the pico up in the app, click edit, click devices, then uncheck all the associations.


That works too. I had to move mine from my regular hub to my pro hub so I just reset them from the beginning. Didn't know it was easier.


OK, that makes sense. I had not tried that.



UPS delivery just came.
The Pico can be added through the Lutron (Android) App by itself (without any association to the switch). Then it can be added to Hubitat through the manifest, then I was able to configure it using Button Controller to control the GE Z-Wave Outdoor Outlet.
This is cool stuff.


And so the Lutron addiction begins for another user... :wink:


Oh boy...the infection is spreading....


Just wait til the fan controls drop :star_struck:

Wifey, Imma need another $900 for some more Lutron gear...


She already asked about the fans. Fortunately we only have three of them.


The fan switches will require neutral wires, which I don’t have in my switch boxes (one of the major reasons I went with caseta devices in the first place). I died a little on the inside when I read that.


Two of my fans don't even have wires coming to the box on the wall. Right now we operate them with the pull chains. I will need some kind of remote solution that installs in the fan or in the box in the ceiling.


I discovered one interesting thing - I was able to add the Picos using the Lutron app on my Android phone. But when I went to test them, I noticed they were also controlling the two dimmers I had also just added. I suspect because all the devices were assigned to the same room, Lutron assumed I wanted the Picos to control those dimmers. Anyway, as a result of this thought and discussion (in this thread), I just looked at the app, confirmed the relationship, and removed the link with the dimmers. It's all working as I hoped. My wife loves the way the dimmers with the Claro wall plates look.


I made a room called "pico" and that's where they go. So far I'm up to 12 :slight_smile: