Lutron Caseta Pico Remote issue

Hey there Hubitat forum friends,

I'm another new Hubitat user that has come from using Wink for a couple basic lighting automations with a few Lutron Caseta dimmers and a Schlage door lock.

I am very new to Hubitat so this may be a simple issue. My newness being the case, I found a video online that went through the steps of setting up Lutron Caseta with the world of Hubitat, and because of that I was able to get my lighting and an additional pico dimmer connected to the Lutron Smart Hub Pro as well as into the Hubitat devices list. Ultimately I'd like to use the pico remote to control a zigbee single three prong plug in outlet I have.

Everything was going great and seemed to be added correctly including that I am able to see the live button pressing through the Hubitat web interface while viewing the pico remote device. Unfortunately, when I try to add a Simple Automation Rules app for this, the pico remote does not show up in the list of devices available for me to use. All the other Lutron devices show up (porch light, foyer light, back porch light, etc). My zigbee outlet device shows up as well.

The tutorial I viewed used the Hubitat Simple Lighting app for automation, but it doesn't seem to be available in my interface. Also I seem to remember in my looking at Hubitat as a solution to replace wink I believe I read that Hubitat Simple Lighting had been replaced with Simple Automation Rules. That being the case, it's where I've started.

Any input on why my pico remote isn't available for use in Simple Automation Rules would be awesome. Even better if you can help me get it to show up there!


Welcome to the community. My first thought is that it's not seeing it as a switch. I don't have a pico to test, but it's a suspicion. Can you see the pico in rule machine?



@april.brandt is on the money. The Pico is not a switch. It is button device. Chose that option in Simple Automation Rules and all your Picos will show up .....


Button Controller (built-in app) is another option depending upon what you want to do.

I really like Advanced Button Controller, it makes it real easy to tie a button to a switch or other device.


That was totally the issue. Thank you very much!!!

I'll also take a look at Advanced Button Controller... Thank you for your input!!

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