Lutron Caseta Migration


My current system is Smarthings, with a Lutron Caseta standard (non-pro) bridge and Echo/Alexa. All are "connected."

I just received my HE a few days ago. Today I received my Caseta PRO bridge.
Where do I start with the integration? Do I first delete my Caseta devices from Echo/Alexa? Do I need to delete my caseta switches from the non-pro caseta bridge? Do I delete my caseta and smartthings association?

So basically, what are the steps I need to take, and in what order?


I migrated Caseta switches/dimmers from Wink. Here's what I did:

  1. Unpair them one at a time from the Wink hub.
  2. Add them one at a time to the Pro bridge
  3. When all the switches/remotes/dimmers were moved over, I added the Pro bridge to Hubitat.
  4. Lived happily after that!


Thank you very much, aaiyar, but my setup is a little different than yours.

I am migrating from smartthings, a caseta non-pro bridge, and the caseta switches are included in Echo/Alexa. Do I have to unpair the caseta switches from the non-pro bridge? Do I need to remove them from alexa/echo. What order do I do those things?


Steps would be the same and you need to unpair them from the smart bridge. Re-Alexa Lutron has an Integration with Alexa via pro hub or you can share them with Alexa via HE skill. You will need to use only one though otherwise you will have duplicates. You will need to remove them from Alexa along with step 1 when you remove them from the smart bridge.


Of the two methods , is one better than the other?


For consistency - I did all my Alexa integrations through HE.


I requested support from Lutorn to migrate from Standard Bridge to Pro, here's what they sent.

Thank you for contacting Lutron Tech Support!

When migrating from the standard Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge (L-BDG2-WH) to the Pro Smart Bridge (L-BDGPRO2-WH), all of the Caseta devices would need to be reassigned to the new Pro Smart Bridge. Lutron recommends factory defaulting them prior to pairing them to the new Pro Smart Bridge.

In addition, if the same email address setup on the original Smart Bridge would be used again for the Pro Smart Bridge, follow the steps below to release the email account so it may be used again.

  1. Go to device-login
  2. Log in with the email address and password of the original bridge.
  3. At the top of the screen, click on Change Email
  4. Change the email address to a fake/pretend email address, enter your original password, and click on Update
  5. Log out of the website
  6. In the Caseta app, tap on Get Started, recreate your original email address and password, and follow the steps to link them to the new bridge

Nick M.
Technical Support