Lutron Caseta Fan Speeds

Is it possible to set custom values for an in-wall Lutron Caseta Fan control? It has 50, 75, and 100 as Medium, Medium-high, and High. There doesn't appear to be a low setting. And if I try to "set level" it jumps to the nearest value.

It has 4 speed settings. Low, Medium, Medium-High, and High.

Are you using the “Lutron Fan Control” driver for it?

Off = 0
Low = 25
Medium = 50
Med-High = 75
High = 100

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Yes, Lutron Fan Control driver. These modes were tested with a Fan Pico which is direct linked to the switch - I guess it must not be able to select the Low setting with the remote. Still, my particular fan is apocalyptically fast at 100 and painfully slow at 50 so I'm hoping for some in between.

I can set my fan to low with my Pico remote.

If your fan is off, just press the small “up/raise” button on the left side of the Pico.
If the fan is on a higher speed than low, press the opposite “down/lower” button on the right side of the Pico.

What exact model of fan are you trying to control with the Caseta Fan Controller? Modern DC Fans will not work properly. I recently replaced a fan in a room with a Caseta Fan Controller, and I made sure to buy a good old fashioned pull-chain model, as these are typically AC fans. I simply pulled the chain until the fan was on its internal HIGH setting, and all was well with the Caseta controller. If your ceiling fan has its own remote control, then you will most likely have problems. If it is an AC motor-based fan, then you may be able to remove the remote control's 'canopy module', and essentially hard wire the fan and light circuitry so that the Caseta Fan Controller and a Caseta Dimmer will be able to have full control over the fan.

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So does Medium High work for you, since it is 75%?

Hey y'all sorry, I fired off that question whilst lying in bed last night and didn't have a chance to experiment.

So, it's a pullchain fan. And the pico does actually do all 4 modes. Low, medium, Medium-high, and high. That's 25, 50, 75, and 100.

The difference between 75 and 100 is gargantuan. It must be parabolic or something. In my perfect world, the speeds make more sense going no lower than 40 probably as the Low setting. But of course, that doesn't appear to be easily possible.

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My experience with the Lutron Caseta 4 level fan control is entirely positive.

Prior to my Lutron Caseta fan controls that have 4 levels, all of my ceiling fans had only 3 levels.

The difference in fan speed between medium and high was much greater with those old 3 level fan controls, than the difference between medium high and high with the 4 level Lutron fan controls.

So I take it that it's not possible to set any fan speeds other than the pre-set values?

Correct. The speeds are built into the Caseta Fan Controller.

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Okay thanks. Whew, it's rare to come across something impossible here in hubitatland :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here is the Caseta Advanced Manual, which details all of the features of the Caseta product line. Unfortunately, I don't see where the Fan Controller offers any truly advanced features like you're looking for.

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To go along with what @ogiewon indicated (and the linked PDF), unlike Caséta dimmers, upper and lower trim cannot be adjusted for the Caséta fan controller. So it really comes down to how individual AC motors respond to current limitation.

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