Lutron and Hue = Aurora

Yes, I installed the driver just like I normally would in the ST developer console, and changed it on the device itself. I decided to delete, reset, and re-pair the dimmer, and it came up first-time as the new driver. Also, there's output in the logs.

I then created a simple dimmer rule in RM4.0 and told it to react on changed -- then for the action, control dimmer and FOLLOW event dimmer. Now it works exactly like you'd think.

Not so sure how to get it to follow the button press yet, but it's showing promise.

I have dimming and button-press working now, without modifying the driver code at all.

and for the button itself:

The only issue I'm seeing is that it's not super graceful when you get near the extremedies of the dimming range, and also it doesn't properly discard duplicate level-changes... it doesn't feel super natural. I think I can tune this on the RM side, but some changes will likely be needed on the driver. I'll see what I can do tonight -- maybe from Happy Hour.

Thanks for the code @bertabcd1234!

What I'd like to do is change the driver to use a button object instead, so maybe I can get long-press and double-tap out of it. Assuming it even sends that over Zigbee. I saw no indication of that in the Hue app earlier, so we might be SOL and have to work with RM on toggle-logic.

just ordered one...

Is the install on these as simple as it looks? What about the aesthetics of it? Look and feel nice?

Thinking about ordering me one or two as well.

As far as I can tell from what's coming from the device, it doesn't do this either. It would be fantastic if this worked as a button. Pressing it could certainly send "button 1 pushed" or similar since that event clearly happens, though I only have that toggling switch now. For turns, it might be possible to do a little math and fake it in the driver (e.g., send button 2 pushed if turned left, which you can tell if the level is decreasing, send button 3 pushed if turned right with similar logic, etc., but you'd need to be able to "wrap around" when it reaches 0 or 254; with a bit of a delay, you could probably also fake a "release," though I'm not sure that would be useful). However, I'm not sure how well any of that would actually work.

Mike will undoubtedly do much better work than this now that he's ordered one, though how well the limits of the device will constrain the possibilities are TBD.

2.1.4 will have a built in driver for this device.


@mike.maxwell, will this be paired directly to the HE hub or integrated through the Hue hub?

Yes, this...

Hmm...might need to get one of these then.

Just got my Lutron Aurora today. Can't wait for the driver release. I'm going to integrate with Hue in the meantime and see how it runs. That way I have a point of comparison when I add it to HE. I just added my switch to the Hue hub (took all of 15 seconds) and set it to control my Den lights. All I can say is WOW. Super responsive, super simple. I'm very impressed so far. Lutron FTW.


For those of you that have one of these devices, can it be installed sideways? The switch I would like to put it on is a dual switch and they turn on/off sideways, rather than up/down.



Yes--there's a "mount" you put on first that basically latches onto the switch (this needs to go on in a specific direction), but the "dimmer"/button portion that snaps on top is round and spins freely in all directions, so I can't imagine any reason why this wouldn't work.

That's what I figured. Gonna replace the switches eventually but wanted to try this out first.

The other thing I was concerned with was the clearance to the other switch. May be upgrading switches sooner than later lol.

The clearance is something I'm concerned with too. I have a sliding barn door that when open, blocks a switch I'd like to use this on. I looked up the measurements and I think I have clearance, but that would depend on how flush the whole thing mounts. So if anyone cares to share how far these protrude from the wall plate I would be grateful.

Just got my Aurora. Reset is not documented in the included booklet, but can be found

I have off-on working well, but I have not quite figured out how to implement the dimmer. The rule above
uses a Track Dim Action which I don't see in any action group. What am I missing?
Thanks in advance,.

Solved Hidden as a toggle in the set level action.

Works but has a bit of a lag. It this the best setup?

Works but has a bit of a lag. It this the best setup?

@ejj3 try using the new Device Mirror app that was just added in the same update as the driver. I configured it that way and it tracks smoothly.

Anybody ever try to use this to change the hue value for the hue color bulbs?

I've just picked up several of these. I'm able to join them each to the Hub. However, once joined some will take actions (push and set level), but most only join and don't do anything.

I've reset the non-working ones multiple times, rebooted the hub. Every time, they join the bridge without issue, but don't respond.

Version: using Mirror app to control Tradfri LED RGB bulbs. Thoughts or ideas? Appreciate any help.