Lowes-No More Iris-Keypads for alarm

I have looked up the few devices that are listed for keypads but it looks like they are all discontinued.
Does anyone have a suggested keypad for security usage that is currently available and has a working module for HE?

Iris V2 keypads on ebay.

Some time ago @mike.maxwell was going to explore if the Ring keypad could work with HE. Don't know where that's led. Perhaps it's still in the to-do pile.

Ring keypad will not pair to Hubitat...
We're intending to explore an integration, this is a ways out.

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So I was hoping for something that is currently being made and not an Iris pad that is discontinued. If I want to forgo having HE manage codes I could use a keypad like this with a zwave switch like this using the external contact option to connect the keypad to for the arm/disarm function and fasten the magent portion of the switch to the inside of the enclosure for a tamper on the keypad.

I would think you would want something in the compatible list since you have the HE safety bucket. Yes we could all use smart locks but the keypads are less expensive and gives you a common "alarm pad" located in the home or office.

Sure, we do, find one that's inexpensive, available and isn't proprietary and we'll support it...

Did you ever get the Iris V1 keypad to play with? Are you going to implement a driver? Mine's sitting there holding down papers. :slight_smile:

Is this2gig keypad proprietary or is this something that someone could make a driver for? Nice price point and would probably be around for awhile.
Why are zwave,zigbee, or WIFI keypads so hard with everyone pushing on home automation and system integrations.

Proprietary 800MHz.

I think there are quite a few zigbee keypads that have gone through the Zigbee certification. Maybe the Hubitat folks could bring in some extra revenue since that seems to be a device that is hard to find.

I'm planning to work on something that uses a keypad (or any Wiegand keypad) and emulates a lock so that codes in lock manager could be use to trigger actions (such as a door release, or actuate a garage door). I would imagine it wouldn't be much more work to get it to be a keypad. It would be WIFI though, likely based on an ESP8266.