Lowes Iris WiFi Compatability

So, old news now I see, but Lowes is discontinuing Iris. Great, I decided to adopt Iris as my smart home platform in the Christmas sales...

So, my question is, is Hubitat compatible with Iris WiFi devices, specifically the Iris Smart Switch, Iris Smart Plug and Iris Outdoor Smart Plug? If not, any suggestions on what to replace them with? If they are, can I use Hubitat to update the firmware before Iris goes offline?

The only other smart stuff I have are some Philips Hue lightbulbs, Legrande Adorne WiFi light switches (I've been unable to determine whether they are compatible with Hubitat) and a Vivint Sky alarm system (again, I haven't been able to determine if it is compatible).

Sorry for the very newbie questions, but I'm in the middle of a kitchen improvement that uses (used) Iris for smart control of the lighting, so this is a rather unpleasant surprise!


I hope this may help. I printed this out so I could look them up easier. On the left is a link for a printable version.

Thank you very much for the reply. It looks like that's a no, sadly. So, the next question is, what to replace them with?

I found this post also.

Thank you


Are you committed to WiFi? Zwave or Zigbee would seem better choices for your switches. I suspect at this point you are fairly invested in the WiFi switches, but GE / Jasco has all those items covered (I think) in ZWave (which works nicely with Hubitat).

Downside, is you'd have to replace everything. I believe you'll find most WiFi devices aren't compatible with ST, Hubitat, Vera, etc. I suspect that's because unlike Zwave/Zigbee for Wifi automation, there's really no standard...but that's just an uninformed guess.


Thanks Scott. Given that Lowes will give be a rebate on all the WiFi switches, no, I'm not really invested (in the literal sense) and have decide (the hard way) that a local control solution is obviously preferable.

For the Adorne switches, yes, in that I am invested, stylistically (the wife loves the look).

So, I'm looking to replace the Iris WiFi outlets. I was looking at the SmartThings Outlet 2018:

but am open to suggestions. I'd prefer to go Zwave or ZigBee for the switches, but I'm stuck with the Adorne form factor, so their WiFi switches are the only option there (I use the SofTap switches, so no work arounds that I know of).


I have one of the Smartthings Plugin Switches you linked, it works great with Hubitat, physically it's a bit larger than I'd like, but it works just fine!

I'm personally trying to use built-ins where possible, but the plug-ins are much more flexible in terms of...today I need it here...tomorrow the Mrs redecorates and I need it there...

Those Adorne's are very modern looking. Interesting...yeah, I can see why you're kind of stuck with them, unique.


Oooops! Sorry about that @scottgu3! I misread your post assuming you were saying you had an Iris Smart Plug working. Sorry for the confusion!

(Is yours a WiFi plug in device? I initially thought he was referring to the Iris 3210-L or -L2 Smart Outlet (Zigbee). But I am guessing he actually has an Iris WiFi Indoor Smart Plug. If so, I am not aware of anyone who has Iris WiFi plugs working with Hubitat.)

Hello, new here as well. Making the leap from Iris since the pending demise.
Although I thing I have only one of the Wi-Fi plug, the rest of my iris plugs are all zigbee. Nope, HE sees them, but can't get those added, the actual wall switches that are z-wave added, and actually work. Odd thing I found is the iris smart plug repeater is actually zigbee not z-wave. So there are a few differences, adding devices isn't as easy and the app isn't. But it's an alternative with the option to tweak and by far seems the best option to go with. New ground and new hurdles with old equipment. But, it's a start.

Correct, I have the Iris WiFi Smart Plug and Iris WiFi Indoor Smart Plug. Apologies for the confusion.

I believe Scott was referring top the SmartThings Outlet 2018 (ZigBee) that he has working with Hubitat.

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The Lowe’s WiFi plugs are tied to their cloud services which are shutting down. Those are eligible for redemption since they will no longer work.

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Yep, my bad... Sorry for any confusion. I have edited my earlier post.

Yup. I also have a Zooz plug, kind of neat, it's sort of a mini-extension cord, so if it's under something it's a bit more hidden than the Samsung. I'll see if I can find the model & a link.


I don't think I've moved this over from ST to HE yet, but ill probably do so tomorrow....


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I have 2 of the ZEN15's and I configured them with the zooz power switch. They work fine in HE.

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