Lowes IRIS Transition


I think the one thing that stands out among all the "I'm an Iris user and it would have been better IF... " messages is that Hubitat has too many options on Day 1.

I think we, the community, could create a "Day 1 -- Start Here" document. It would cover:

  • Registration, why is it not done yet?
  • DHCP
  • My first two devices, a switch and a sensor, how should they work together?
  • Rule Machine/MotionLighting have a hundred terms I don't understand, what's the Minimum?
  • Translations, what does the same as I had, now that I'm using Hubitat?

Any takers? :slight_smile: Gotta be ready for when Wink follows Iris. :smiley:


Yes, I have two in near mint condition... anyone need one? :smiley:


I don't think anyone has really earned their smarthome chops until they try to use OpenHAB v1 and creating rules and such there. :wink: Makes Staples Connect and Iris and everything else look easy by comparison. LOL


Nope. Just bulbs, dimmers and switches.


But my first devices are an Gen1 Keypad and hot water heater thermostat NOT a motion sensor and switch.

Come on, I didn’t read the docs or the compatibility wiki, please fix this. (End sarcasm)


What else is there? Making it take less than a month to figure out. The question I'm answering is how to get Iris Users up and running in a day or two instead of a month. I'm not stupid, but that's how long it took me to re-groove my thinking. If support decides Iris users aren't worth it, fine. But the answer to the question doesn't change.


I can sympathize with your frustrations. Those whom have chosen other platforms like SmartThings are also making similar suggestions. I think that underscores how much differently Iris worked, and watered down that it was. I honestly do not think it's possible to create a simple migration guide, because the two platforms are just built around vastly different ways of doing the same thing. One shielded users from choice and flexibility while the other encourages it.


No one has ever said that, but these kinds of comments along with several threads by Iris users doesn’t help anyone help them transition.

Please take a look at many of the Iris user threads and you’ll see this. And still, no one has been told to go away, and not been at least attempted to be helped. One thing I have learned here is that this community doesn’t push people away.

But at the end of the day, you have to help others help you. IMHO, no one is going to get up and running in a day or two.


Exactly! Thank you.

I'd volunteer to do a tutorial explaining exactly what devices you need and how to set up a scenario that Turns off the lights, changes the temperature and arms the security when you leave the house, and reverse itself on arrival, BUT I'm still figuring out how to do it ;-/


Most of the official documents cover this stuff though.



Correct, they are vastly different, but I think some people here are still missing the core of my suggestion, so let me re-word it: make decisions for newcomers so they can be up and running in a day or two. Then you invite them to learn what else Hubitat can do, when they have time.And it doesn't have to be Iris specific. Anybody should benefit from introductory hand holding.



Thanks. I was hoping this wasn't the case. I think this would be a nice to have for HE in general.


It’s been posted several times that a “newcomers”, “start here” or whatever document, post, or thread would be good. I am sure something will come about sooner rather than later.

Most Iris users are not exactly new to HA.

So the question is, should this documentation cover HA newbies with 1-5 devices or people transitioning from another platform with 50+ devices? Because I believe the latter is what Iris users are. The official documentation, videos, wiki threads, and forums in general will help the HA newbies with 1-5 devices.

I keep pointing to the official documentation and the wiki threads because they took me from my first device ever (plug outlet) to 50 devices without many issues.

You stated:

And look at some of the complex rule chains some Iris users are asking for help with. This isn’t exactly newcomer type things.

The thing is this shows that with Iris users it isn’t trying to teach them to drive their first car... it’s trying to teach them how to drive a manual car after they have drove only automatic for years. The stress of having to move in such a short time and trying to do too much too fast makes things worse.

Example of this is Zwave inclusion and exclusion, it’s hard to help someone when they won’t read the official documentation covering it.

Me, myself would rather have the limited HE team to spend their time finishing Dashboard 2.0 and the mobile app. When the official docs, etc, etc cover the bases enough to get the ball rolling.


“Switches” also includes outlets and or plugin outlets. I haven’t grouped outlets yet, but when I click the “Select switches for group” drop down, all my outlets and plugin outlets show up there.


True. I'm hoping that they include that in a future release.


I've got some switches in my scenes. They work as expected. Stuff goes on. Stuff goes off.


Well, to return to the practical part of the "Iris Transition" thread, does anybody have experience with the Iris Gen2 keypad? I just paired one and... it shows up on the devices page, and I was able to interact with it, but the green light in the upper right corner continues to flash after an hour, as though it's still trying to pair or something. Is that normal? Does anyone else's keypad flash all the time? I've only had the Gen1 before this , so I don't know the normal behavior.


Are you on the new release (today's)? Looking at the release notes, it looks like that issue may have been addressed. They are brief, so I can't be sure. Here's what they say:

  • Iris V2 keypads: Fixed keypad leds remaining on after initial join.


New release? Not that I know of, unless it downloads automatically? Where would I get this new release?