Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices


I've had two Iris sensors failed on me already. These PEQ never fail and battery lasting FOREVER..


All my iris sensors are still good and you are right about the Peq battery life. They lasted forever. I left one outside on the deck for a year and there's plenty of life left. Just need to clean the battery terminals.
Just incase you guys find any good deal on the new iris sensor. It has motion/temp and humidity as well. Not sure it's working with HE yet but it's flawless on ST.


Any opinions on the smart plug?

It looks like there are others on sale as well that have a smaller form factor; are both options supported w/ Hubitat?

Example of another smart plug :


The bigger smart plug (3210-L2) comes in handy since it is also a Zigbee repeater. That smaller plug that you provided a link to makes no mention of that. And if you read the Q&A at the bottom someone says it's not a repeater at all.

I have one of the SmartThings version of the 3210-L2 in every room.


The new plug appears to be ZigBee only, though the specs don't say. The old one was a ZigBee switch too; the extra component was a Z-Wave repeater. (The ST version lacks Z-Wave at all. Both should act as ZigBee repeaters.) People have said the dual Iris models are somewhat of a pain to pair. Z-Wave repeaters aren't hard to come by, so I wouldn't pine for that model unless you're cramped for outlet space. You could just get the new one if you want ZigBee and use a Z-Wave outlet or other repeater somewhere else if needed.

The person who said the new plug is not a ZigBee repeater is likely wrong and misunderstood the question. (It's a community answer, not a staff/manufacturer answer.) Someone would need to map their network to say for sure, but nearly any powered device is (the KOF fan controller is a notable one I've seen that isn't, and the Sengled bulbs are reported to also not).


Hi. Are you saying that the larger one (pictured a few posts above) is the newer model and the older one is the smaller model?

Just making sure based on the comment ("Z-Wave repeaters aren't hard to come by, so I wouldn't pine for that model unless you're cramped for outlet space.")

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Nope, the small/thin model is the new one. The older one is the square-ish one. I meant that the old/square one does both ZigBee and Z-Wave, but the outlet part is controlled via ZigBee and Z-Wave is just an extra component it has for repeating (like most powered devices, both of these outlets should repeat for ZigBee). Due to problems some people have had with pairing both parts of the square outlet, I just meant that I wouldn't be too concerned with finding that one simply because it has both--you can just get another Z-Wave outlet to use as a repeater if you need (or a dedicated repeater or nearly any powered device like the USB-powered motion sensors).


Gotcha - thanks for the clarification and all the info - much appreciated.


I have 2 of these. They work well. I would love to find a DH that allows access (or show me where I am going wrong) to the energy monitoring portion of the devices. IL03-1 switch seems to work very well, and I would rather stick with these for future purchases, than run around grabbing the remaining 3210-L2's that are around me. If you have any luck with the energy monitoring, please let me know!


On the device screen for your outlet if it supports energy monitoring you should have "Power" listed in "Current States" after you choose your preference for "Enable power reporting".


FWIW on the square outlets...I bought 5 and paired the zigbee outlets and the z-wave repeaters. Within 2 or 3 days 2 separate devices dropped off my hub, like they never existed. I emailed support and they told me my z-wave mesh was not healthy.....like bad repeaters. I removed the repeater portion of the outlets, and support confirmed that my mesh was in good condition again. Apparently these outlets have problems repeating.


There was a firmware update that fixed this issue. But you need a Iris hub to update them. I have a couple of them on the latest firmware and they work fine as zwave repeaters.


Gotcha, that's good to know... Although I don't have an Iris hub so have no way to update them. This is for outlets that were purchased last week too, so not like it was a long time ago.


Yeah I would bet the hub will prob go on sale at some point.


The outlets I bought recently had lots of dust on them so I know they are older firmware.


I thought getting an Iris smart plug for $22 was a good deal! Nothing like those deals!


Thanks - good to know. I just picked a couple up but might return them for the smaller plugs since I don't have an Iris hub to upgrade the firmware.


Thanks for the tip. I'm an Aussie traveling through America and picked up six of these in Dubuque Iowa. Crazy cheap price.