Low Battery Notification


Is there an app or settings which help me to notify about low battery status from all the devices.


Yes, add the Notifications app and it has the ability to check battery levels of all your devices.


Bruce Ravenel (@bravenel) posted code for a small app awhile back that I have found to be very reliable:


I use Device Activity Check that monitors battery levels.


Hubitat Safety Monitor... I set mine for 20%


I personally make a dashboard just for battery status and call it 'Battery Status'. In one second I can see which batteries are having issues and need to be replaced. It works great and it can work in conjunction with the Notification app.



Me? I'm too lazy to constantly check something like that. A simple notification at 20% once a day is enough to motivate me...lol


I have devices that operate for many months at 0% battery, and others that fail at 25%. This is why I prefer using last activity > 1 day to monitor devices.



Great minds …

I also use an app from @elfege appropriately titled Battery Level Notifications

My experience with using the HSM was that it would report a sensor needed the battery replaced and in the notification the level was always over 80% even though I had it set to 20%

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Let us say if we have a door sensor which is not opened for 2 days. Do you still get an alert as it is not last active for 2 days.

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Ok that makes me twitchy...

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I also use Habitut Dashboard HD and set up a tile that monitors my batteries. If you use Android devices, this works very well. May be overkill for just battery monitoring, but it works. I have it on my phone and most of the pads in my house.

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Most battery powered devices are configured to report volts or battery percent remaining at least one time per day, updating the last activity time stamp. That time stamp is also updated from other device events, such as a contact sensor open or close. So...from my perspective as long as some activity was reported by a device in the prior 24 hours, it does not get reported. And yes this does occasionally leave a sensor out of commission for a day or so.

Update: I run the inactivity report once per day. Running it more frequently reduces the chances of missing a dead battery.


I would agree with that.

This is what I do, but I use the @bertabcd1234's Device Activity Check (posted above) to do so. It lets me check devices in many different ways. Most of my battery powered devices are reported if they aren't active once every 24 hours. I have some that only report in a slightly longer period, and DAC makes it easy to put those in another group with a longer period. Battery devices that don't report regularly (I have a few) I put in a group that reports at 15% battery remaining. Etc. It's a great app for getting a single notification collecting up all these conditions.


I use a couple of Tile Master Tiles


When I need to check battery type or changes I use Device data display

I had a daily check sent to my phone at a certain time. I removed it as after a while I would just clear it without having looked at it.

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