Lots of SmartThings updates

There seems to be lots of interesting updates coming out of SmartThings.

Works with nest Integration
Aeotec partnering
EWeLink partnering

Probably some bits I've missed

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The nest is pointless unless home/away and eco can all be changed, is that possible with current google api now? I'm still using NST Manager (On ST) with old nest account dont plan on breaking it till google kill it off

I think this is a good idea. It will cover many of the cheaper Chinese wifi devices. I wish Hubitat would improve their integrations with commonly used systems like Smart Life, eWeLink and manufacturers like Arlo, Nest, etc as out of the box integrations or even subscription funded additions.

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Nice thought. However, without a published API, Hubitat probably can not write the associated driver. These SmartThings integrations are completed by the device manufacturer.

Some other notes:

  • I saw today (in a SmartThings post) that Samsung has ceased manufacturing of their Hubs.
  • I just finished a community driver that accesses the SmartThings HTTP API (published). I do not have a hub connected, just devices in SmartThings. You just need to determine the commands and response parsing for each device. Requires readily attainable API Key and then deviceId.
  • There is even a community app (HubConnect?) that supports this.

What I'm most interested is in what is going to happen to the ST sensors in NA.
I love them, in particular the;

  1. Water Sensors
  2. Motion Sensors
  3. Button

Looks like Aeotech is taking them over (yay!), but super unclear what their future will be and if you will be able to purchase them in North America.

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Wait if they stop manufacturing them why are they even updating the hub?

They are expected to be available in the US by Q2 2021. Same hardware but rebranded with the Aeotec logo.


The new Aeotec devices are already available in Europe, and the prices are kind of outrageous. I think it was over $30 for a leak sensor. So the Aeotec partnership looks like it's main effect will end up making all the devices cost more.

Makes you wonder if Samsung was pricing them to push Hub numbers or the reverse.

They are also pushing for everything to be migrated now to the new Smartthings Web API's. They just migrated the Arlo integration to the new api's and are fighting through a slew of problems with it.

The classic app was completely deprecated a while ago and the Classic SHM has been forcefully removed. So all SHM integrations are no longer functional.

I believe it has also been stated they are looking at removing the legacy IDE from service some time towards the middle of 2021 though I haven't seen an official date.

Lastly the have also indicated they will discontinue support for various hubs and is largely why I am here now. I suspect my hub device is on the chopping block. New hubs haven't been available for some time now in the US.

The classic app was shut down this week.

Yes, certainly, I would expect Samsung's decisions on price-points for devices to be motivated by growing/maintaing the overall SmartThings platform membership. Makes business sense for them.

Aeotec just wants to make money on their devices running on multiple platforms, so they don't have the same perspective as ST did w/HW. I don't think Aeotec has ever tried to lead on price from what I've seen. Example below...contact sensor for ~$40 after tax.

Given the current pricing in the EU, former ST device fans may have some serious sticker shock. :slight_smile: Here's the EU listing for the Aeotec (rebranded Samsung) leak sensor. That's $42 US for anyone who is getting out their credit card to buy one. :moneybag: :moneybag:

That's crazy. 5 months ago you could get these direct from Samsung for ~$20 and in some cased for $18 US


Yup. In my opinion Aeotec can think again suck the big one at that pricing level.





Sticker shock? Sadly not. Smartthings branded gear has always been ridiculously expensive in the UK, while I can't speak for the rest of the EU it was common to see most sensors at £25-£35 per unit and outlets for £40+. This was a few years back, in dollar terms that would have been substantially more.

I bought my v2 hub in the "starter kit" bundle on sale at £80 with a few sensors and an outlet then picked up others later when they were discontinued at a few stores and sold off cheap (£10-£15 each at the time).

This is one of the main reasons so much of my hardware is sourced from Xiaomi.

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Interesting. Aeotec getting into the Zigbee playground.

"Sticker shock"?

The first time a water sensor triggers at the very start of a basement leak pays for all of your water sensors, and then some

The first time a temperature sensor triggers as your freezer full of food fails pays for all of your temperature sensors, and then some.

The first time an automatic light saves you from tripping over something someone left on the stairs pays for your entire frickin' system, and then some.

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All true. But none of that changes the fact that you don't have to buy horribly over priced Aeotec devices to do any of those things.


EWeLink is not a device manufacturer. It is a Chinese IoT platform/system that can control multiple brands (80 at the last count). In that sense it is not unlike Hubitat. Or SmartThings. I see no technical reason why Hubitat couldn't form a relationship with this organisation and deliver an integration as has SmartThings. It's much more likely to be a resource/priority issue than a technical one, which is fair enough. That's up to Hubitat to decide. Nevertheless, I wish for more of these integrations to common platforms (Tuya/Smart Life/eWeLink) out of the box, as I said, in order to broaden access to the massive and growing, cheap and sometimes very innovative range of WiFi devices.

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